One of the best things Jagex could do would be to remove

One of the best things Jagex could do would be to remove

One of the best things Jagex could do would be to remove most of the teleports in the game, or create them quite somewhat more difficult to use beyond fundamental hub teleportation. Adding so many teleports has made the entire world map seem far, far smaller. Second, it might do well to RS gold significantly increase the size of almost everything. The more wild lands there can be, the more we'd feel immersed in the dream world where we are the adventurers who travel from the peak of civilisation into the interiors of badlands.

Inevitably, with a correctly large draw distance the size of this map will probably be evident. A few important modifications jagex could make to relieve this: Reshape mountain ranges. Presently, we have a couple of influential hills: these east of Varrock, these north of Burthorpe, those south of Al Kharid, and people west of Ardougne. Making these feel more realistic and creating rivers and so forth flow well from them would be massive in making the map more plausible. Make the forests enormous. Truly, much larger. Including swamps etc.. Making them larger the farther from civilisation we go would make those areas feel considerably more wild.

Insert more danger into the inside of those woods. The majority of the map reflects a universe that is logical to get a mid to low level player, to whom dragon would be an unusual substance to see and Barrows armour extremely rare. The most dangerous places just are not hazardous. Literally adding boss monsters to the centres of these forests would massively increase their danger. However, that's only possible if these areas are big enough which you could go around them if you know where you are. Make the in-game universe map less exact. If you could make it so players needed to explore every area before it was completely documented in the map which would make a big difference to the adventuring feel. New lands would really be alien.

Have fewer artificial obstacles. That's a huge immersion breaker. If cliffs were scalable but required some time and equipment, if boundaries were not literally wooden fences we could jump over, if rivers weren't literal walls but instead obstacles that could be drifted more than if you had the right gear, which would be fantastic.

There's creatures, but nothing to buy rs gold paypal bind you to the conflicts, there is training areas, but no grounds to utilize them. You don't get lost in the fantasy of the landscaping because there's nothing to get lost in other than aesthetics, and you are just twiddling your thumbs waiting to get into another port of call, which, may go partly hand in hand with your proposal of raising the problem, but it will take more than that. Very good point. Jagex has completed a couple of things to adress this, but it doesn't work for veteran gamers. I moved to Karamja to quest, like I moved to the desert and Morytania. That is the big reason to go to those regions, but the problem is that after you're done there, you are done.

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