FIFA 22 Ultimate Team no-loss glitch was exposed

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team no-loss glitch was exposed

For FIFA, it seems impossible to avoid any loss and failure. Every year there is a new way for players to find ways to avoid losses, which is especially annoying in FUT Champs and other competitive modes. Recently, FIFA 22 players once again found a way to deceive themselves and avoid losing the game in Ultimate Team, and the Cheap FUT 22 Coins failure of no loss is widely circulated on TikTok.

Just a few weeks after the official release of FIFA 22, players have discovered a loophole that will never lose again in official matches, which makes players who want to legally win FUT Champs victories and rewards feel very frustrated. However, thanks to this viral TikTok from apexskillz, it seems that more players know how to abuse the vulnerability, and players can see it becoming more common in future FUT matches.

In order to avoid adding a grade to his loss column, apexskillz just opened the PlayStation menu and sat on it for about 30 seconds, waiting for the game to kick him out. In the end it kicked him out of the game, and after returning to the FIFA Ultimate Team menu, apexskillz still had his remaining 3 games before the failure.

Obviously, this use of lossless glitches in FIFA is unbearable for many players. Some FUT 22 Coins comments even hinted that they were banned after doing so, but we are currently unable to determine this. Whether EA will fix this glitch remains to be seen, but after they are exploring the idea of ​​abandoning the FIFA nickname, they may encounter bigger problems in finding a brand new name for the franchise.

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