Ultimate Motherboard Guide - Demystifying Motherboard Specs

A motherboard can be taken the structure for any type of computer system. It is the largest component in your computer as well as gives paths for all other devices, inner and also external, to communicate with each other. As a result, it is crucial that you spend time investigating for a t


Key motherboard specs

Before you go out searching for a motherboard, it's ideal to understand a little concerning the parts that comprise the motherboard.


There are two main chipsets on a motherboard, the Northbridge and also Southbridge controller. The Northbridge manages interactions with high speed components such as the CPU, Memory, and graphics card more info visit here Big tech Review. Conversely, the Southbridge manages communication from low speed devices such as I/O ports, hard drives, on-board sound and also BIOS .

Motherboards are developed around these 2 chips, the Northbridge determines what kind of CPU's and memory types are sustained, whereas the Southbridge determines things like the number of constructed in USB ports and also whether or not the board includes integrated sound, video, RAID, LAN, etc. CPU

The CPU is put straight right into an outlet on the motherboard and also is in charge of processing instructions. The kinds of CPU sustained by a motherboard depend on the Northbridge controller chip.

Growth Ports

The development ports on the motherboard allow you to attach outside elements, such as visuals cards, sound cards, RAID controllers, and other different add-on elements. The slots come in differing speeds as well as some are meant for broadband elements just, such as the PCI-E x16 as well as AGP slots for visuals cards.

Form Variable

Type element refers to the shapes and size of the motherboard i.e. its dimensions. When buying a new motherboard you need to be aware of its form element since specific instances and power materials just work with certain type factors. The most typical kind variable is ATX and nowadays most motherboards are based upon the ATX type factor.


Sticks of memory or RAM are placed into unique memory slots on the motherboard; most motherboards typically have 3 or 4 ports. Motherboards usually only sustain one sort of memory e.g. DDR, DDR2, DDR3, Rambus, because the different types have a different variety of pins that attach to the port.

Internal I/O Connectors

These are links that connect directly to the motherboard from inner parts or your computer system situation. Examples consist of power adapter from power supply, USB, hard disk drive as well as fan connections from case, interior SATA links from disk drives, etc. Back Panel Connectors

These are the connections that you locate on the back of your computer instance where you connect in a mouse, keyboard, ethernet, printer, etc. The number and also type of connections depends on the motherboard you buy which mostly relies on the Southbridge chipset utilized in the motherboard.


The BIOS is a small chip on your motherboard that initializes as well as prepares hardware on boot, so software program can connect with it. If the BIOS can not initialize a hardware gadget it will send out an unique series of beeps to your computers' interior speaker that informs you which device is not set up or configured properly.

Many, if not all BIOS's can be updated by means of unique program from your motherboard manufacturer. The reason to upgrade the BIOS is to take care of equipment compatibility bugs, or to make it possible for support for newer equipment, such as newer CPU's based upon the same or very comparable style. If every little thing in your system is working penalty, do not upgrade your BIOS, you don't want to chance a mistake occurring during a flash and also the resulting problem of fixing it.

Some Special/Unique Qualities

Ultra Resilient

Some motherboards make use of newer solid-state capacitors that are less likely to leakage or end up being malfunctioning. This is a reasonably new function and also behaves to have if you can discover it.

Advanced Air conditioning

Some motherboards add additional warm sinks to specific chips on the motherboard as well as a heat pipeline for the north bridge; this enables the motherboard to run a bit cooler and also works if you intend to heavily over-clock your system best Ryzen 3rd Gen Motherboar.

Over-clocking enhanced

The motherboard, with the BIOS or a Windows application, supplies fine-tune tweaking in regards to over-clocking. This sort of feature isn't essential for over-clocking, many motherboards' BIOS supply some fundamental choices that are made use of for over-clocking; this feature simply supplies more ease and choices to do so.

Dual Network Memory

This feature enables you to set up a pair of memory embeds specially marked memory ports. This permits twice as much information to be sent from the memory to the memory controller, so it obtains implemented by the CPU much faster. This feature will not increase your speed, yet might offer efficiency renovations with specific applications and also equipment setups, so keep an eye out for it. Likewise, this feature isn't depending on the memory sticks themselves, simply obtain a set of the same memory as well as it need to operate in the motherboard.

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