5 Benefits of PVC Strip Door Curtains in Nurseries

5 Benefits of pvc strip door curtains in nurseries with amazing guide.

Nurseries and Early Years settings are increasingly investing in PVC Door Curtains, according to Cardea Solutions.

You may be wondering what the advantages of having a PVC curtain placed in your nursery are.

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1. Promotes free-flowing play
In nurseries, the usage of PVC Curtains promotes free-flowing play. Free flow play, which is encouraged by the EYFS, enables children to roam freely inside and outdoors while also enabling them to grow at their own speed. It is believed to assist children develop independence and decision-making abilities while also allowing them to proceed at their own pace.

2. Serves as a deterrent
Installing PVC Curtains on your outside doors creates a barrier between the inside and the outside, preventing debris such as leaves and dirt, as well as insects and vermin, from entering.

System of bullets

3. System of Bullets
Our PVC Door Strips, which are designed with a plastic bullet system, are safe to use in a setting with small children, since they do not have the typical metal design of PVC Curtains. The bullet mechanism also makes it simple to remove the strips for cleaning or when they are not in use.

4. Air Flow and Temperature Control
The soft grade PVC Strips are insulated, enabling the warmth inside to be maintained even when the door is open.

5. Access to Openings without Using Your Hands
PVC Strip Curtain placed in entrances enable both toddlers and adults to enter various rooms and the outdoors without having to use their hands. Younger children may easily pass through thanks to the use of soft-grade ribbed PVC strips.

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