You should also be aware that both the Xbox Series X

You should also be aware that both the Xbox Series X


Madden 22's Top 10 Security players include Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde and Micah Hyde

Like fans of all other NFL teams, Buffalo Bills fans look at every year's Madden NFL 22 videogame from EA Sports. EA announced the ratings of the top 10 players who are safe in the latest version of Mut 22 coins the franchise Thursday. The top 10 goes like this:

Buffalo Bills fans might be amused to know that neither Jordan Poyer or Micah Hyde are listed on this list.

The likes of Mathieu, Baker, Bates, Simmons, and Smith are all worthy of their places on the Top 10. The remaining five players could, however, be debated.

Hyde and Poyer's ratings are not yet released. EA hasn't released ratings for certain rookies or the top ten players at certain positions.

If you examine Hyde and Poyer against some of cheap Madden 22 coins the Top 10 safeties, it's easy to see why they should be rated higher.


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