Signs that you need to hire a switchboard repair and replacement service

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When it comes to the varying amount of electrical appliances that have faced a problem or two in their span of work and have worked more efficiently after a little DIY patch-up, your electrical switchboard is not one of them. Being the complicated device it is, it should be left to handle by the expert hands, to protect yourself and the machine from further damage. It comprises a number of connections and components that all work in a symphony which needs to be understood to start any further work on the machine. The small circuits are redistributed to the various regions of the house to work comprehensively and save you from imminent power cuts. 

It is quite an essential and valuable component to maintain a havoc-free household so here are some of the early signs of threats, which if you notice should immediately call for a switchboard repair and replacement service-

  • There is a burning smell near the switchboard- A burning smell is never a good sign and if you notice any such near the area of your switchboard it hints some major damage. You should immediately call for a professional so they can inspect the matter and you need not have to suffer from any inconvenience.


  • An overcrowded switchboard with no room-  You can easily get hold of your switchboard at a certain wall of your home, near the meter box. If there is a complete absence of room for space it might be a problem to add additional circuits in the future or present. This is bound to cause problems since those circuits need to be added for various issues such as pool pumps, solar pumps, and so on. An overloaded circuit can even threaten the peace in your household. 


  • Flickering bulbs- This minor sign might hint at a serious wiring issue which should have you calling for a professional Residential Electricianwho can provide further information about the state of your system. You might have to change your switchboard for better causes.


  • Blackened and molten fuses-As alarming as it looks, its implication is the same. This is a sign which should definitely not be ignored. They are unsafe and need immediate treatment to prevent severe to your family and property.


  • Modern switchboards and advanced technology- If the other appliances of your house are of a more recent model than what your switchboard is, it is time you also change it. Get a licensed company or personnel who can guide you about the best of the options. The newer products are bound to offer you greater protection and have more longevity.


  • Your fuse is constantly blowing and appliances make it trip- This might imply that your switch is not exactly functioning properly and it is time that you replace your switchboard. The inefficiency of power in the older circuits makes them have short-circuits more often than the new modern ones. The occurrence of one, indeed is dangerous so it is obviously better to consult a professional.



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