Dr. Sachin Kumar : Founder of Recters Consultancy Services Private Limited

In this article i will let you know about one of the best entrepreneur of india who not just created dozens of website and app but also open up a 500 crore marketplace for indian entrepreneurs . So let's begin :-

:- Dr Sachin Srivastava, A BAMS (Ayurveda professional) doctor who not just created dozens of websites, apps and games but also proved that anyone can be a entrepreneur from any society. This guy is from bettiah a small city in West champaran district of bihar from his childhood he was interested in computer science but due limited resources he don't had computers so he started learning on smart phones about how to develop an app, how to start a company etc, but in 2015 when biggest indian tech company Reliance jio started his free data plan this guy catched the opportunity and start learning about Internets and all and he then start his first website named  js technos in collaboration with his friend Janmejay Ray and that company is know as Swebmart now it's an E-commerce company which sells source code of app's and games in cheapest price.


So after investing many years in development he had designed his own social network knows as Fnetchat or Viraly and created his own music network called mastiholic, media network called Maxytube and dating network known as dateu.in.


He had also more than 61+ Android Apps and 5+ Apps ios apps live on Google Play Store and Itunes Apps Store respectively.


Here Are Details Of Few App Game Companies From Dr. Sachin Srivastava



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