Improve Your Raider 2021 Skills With These 5 Best Addons & Weak Auras In World of Warcraft Classic Phase 2

Listed below are the top 5 most effective WoW Classic add-ons and weak auras that will help you become a better raider in World of Warcraft TBC Classic phase 2





Listed below are the top 5 most effective WoW Classic add-ons and weak auras that will help you become a better raider in World of Warcraft TBC Classic phase 2. These add-ons and weak horrors will accomplish a variety of tasks, including assisting you in avoiding stupid mistakes and overcoming specific road mechanics, thereby preventing you from frustrating your raid leader. The fact that some of these add-ons will help you boost your dps only briefly is quite cheeky because, in case people don't know, weak auras is essentially a mother ship add-on with a slew of add-ons built into it. You simply need to import them from the week or from a website, and some of the best add-ons for World of Warcraft Classic Phase 2 are essentially just weak aura add-ons, which is a shame.

The Top 5 Addons and Weak Auras in buy WOW classic gold
1. Effective potion.
A small potion reminder will appear whenever it is the most advantageous time to use your potion, and obviously the best time to use a potion is precisely when you are missing a sufficient amount of mana in a manner equal to the amount that the mana potion will restore, because obviously the more mana potions that you can use in a single fight means overall greater mana efficiency in the entire fight, and this will also include demonic and dark runes in the mix.

2. Maey's Auto Marker (Maey's Auto Marker)
You can preemptively set up the marks for whatever targets of his trash mobs or specific mobs on boss fights you want to target before you even enter the raid and start fighting them. It's already configured as you can see here, and you won't have to do anything else unless you want to change something, such as the font size or color scheme. Everything is pre-configured, so all you have to do is click on the mob, and it will automatically assign one of these marks to you based on your selection. It is completely customizable as soon as the add-on is installed. Obviously, it is the tanks' responsibility to mark their territory, so it is recommended that you download this weak aura for every single tank to make your life a whole lot easier.

3. TBC Party/Raid CD Tracker
A weak aura known as TBC Party/Raid CD Tracker is available to every raid leader. It displays the cooldowns on every single shaman bloodlust in your raid group, along with other things like anken soul stone and shield wall. You'll also be able to keep track of extremely useful information such as innovative battle, rez's fear wards, and even a shaman's mana tight. Essentially, this is a very useful tool for simply keeping track of the cooldowns of every other raid member, which is probably one of the most frustrating mechanics in World of Warcraft Classic phase 2. The tainted core is thrown in raids, if you don't know what I'm talking about. Basically, on the last five SSC Lady Vash, you will occasionally loot an item called the tainted core and you can only walk a certain amount of distance before you can't walk any further, which means you must throw it to another player so that they can deliver it to Lady Vasha, break a shield, and things like that. However, without add-ons, you must go into your bag, click on the bag, and then target a friendly party member, which can be very frustrating and can go a little ski with fortunately, but it is not impossible.

4. Consumes at the time of the Read Check
It will display little reminders for each and every one of your consumables just above the ready check in your array group. There is a ready check in your array group. So one of the most difficult things for a raid leader to keep track of is that raids interrupt cooldowns, which is difficult because many classes have relatively short cooldowns and many classes do not.

5. Interruptions from the group
There is an add-on called group interrupts TBC and md that, in a nutshell, will track the cooldown of every single interrupt that is possible. In other words, we have things like counterspell pummel and kik, but we also have specific stuns like kidney shot and hammer of justice, as well as other things like tracking misdirection and other things. Consequently, you can very easily see when specific people can interrupt, when they are not interrupting, when they are slacking, and you can give them a little telling off as a result of your observations. If you do your wipe and they do miss and interrupt, you can keep track of when you are unable to interrupt a particular enemy for whatever reason. In this way, you can anticipate when there will be massive damage or when a particular mechanic will not be dealt with in a timely manner. As a raid leader, how many times have you heard this simple sentence, such as what is the cooldown on bloodlust, what is the cooldown on shield wall, what is the cooldown on soul stone, and other such information?


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