Optimize Your Essay with Better Signposting

This blog is about Optimize Your Essay with Better Signposting

For the reader, your legit essay writing service should be read smoothly in its content, structure, and logic. A smooth flow of ideas from sentence to sentence or paragraph to paragraph is a sign of a good writer. It is a sign of a writer who knows how to use signposts.

Academic essays don’t have to be pretentiously erudite. The hard to digest text doesn’t show the quality of the content and writing, it is rather the other way around. It shows bad writing coupled with a shallow understanding of the subject matter. 

A free essay writer and reviewer might help you with the content and structure of the essay, but it will always be up to you to optimize your essay to allow for a better reading experience.

What is a signpost?

The signpost is an indicator used throughout the essay. A signpost is used in indicating the type of cheap essay writing service that will follow, and at times is also used in establishing the relationship within a sequence of content. 

Signposts can do many things. Indicate a criterion for example:

‘In order to fully grasp the idea, it is important for us to revisit the 

theory of dialectical materialism.’

It can also point out the various points that might follow and how many points the readers should: accept:

‘We will dive into several long and short term effects of the worldwide epidemic’

It can further indicate a relationship within a sequence of ideas or thought:s

‘Another reason why trophy hunting should be implemented in Africa is that... ’ 

Types of Signposts

Signposts can range from just a single word to a long sentence. As long as it helps the reader guide from one point to another every type of signpost is acceptable. 

There are three types of signposts:

  • Single-word signpost: However, Furthermore, Hence, Therefore, etc
  • Signpost phrase: In addition to that, In conclusion, Another reason being, etc.
  • Signpost sentences: After a closer analysis of the outbreak reveals several underlying reasons for the rapid spread of the virus. 

Signposts in the Introduction

For the introduction, it is your responsibility to delineate how you will proceed with the argument and the ways in which you will defend or present the information on research paper topics. The signpost is an important part of the thesis statement, without it, you wouldn’t be able to show the audience the blueprint of your thesis statement.

Signposts in Body Paragraphs

For the body paragraph transitioning plays a vital role in furthering your arguments and presenting the evidence. Each body paragraph will start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence in itself is a signpost that tells the reader what the paragraph will discuss: the claim, idea, argument, etc. 

The evidence and examples use signposts too. Signpost words and phrases such as ‘such as’, ‘this idea is demonstrated by’, ‘this shows that’, ‘the ideas that follow illustrate the point perfectly’.

The main body has to conclude connecting it back to the main thesis statement. The warrant does that for the paragraph; it presents a statement with the evidence and the claim in mind and in the last sentence with a signpost such as ‘the evidence clearly shows that’. The writer must lay the ground for the reader to agree with the warrant 

Signposts in the essay conclusion

In the conclusion part of the essay, you will not use many transition words but use phrases. The conclusion doesn’t include any new information but reiterates the established paragraph conclusions and the thesis statement. Signposts such as "words counter for essays" by following the arguments in the essay, it is clear that’, etc.

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