Things to Keep in Mind While Planning for Your Essay

This article is about Things to Keep in Mind While Planning for Your Essay

Essay prewriting has to be done on your own. It is therefore important to perfectly craft your prewriting process. Most of the high performing write my essay always follow an essay plan and their writers always try to hone their planning process. For later parts such as editing.

Understanding the essay prompt

The essay prompt has to be understood before you can write the essay. Get this part wrong and you get the whole essay wrong. You should look for the essay prompt to get to know what the subject matter is and what the instructor wants you to write about. You should also be aware of the different task words and what they indicate; different types of academic writing such as critical writing and descriptive writing. 

The essay prompt usually doesn’t require much probing but if you are not careful you might misinterpret it and get your essay completely wrong.

Knowing your audience

Before writing the essay you should make sure you know who the audience is. It is usually the instructor that is reading the write my essay for me, but the audience here means the level of writing that is required of you in the essay. For an audience that is expert in the field, you shouldn’t shy away from using complex terminologies and take liberties in skipping past the basics of a theory or a task. 

For an audience who are beginners in the subject or layman, you don’t explicitly explain and break down each and every term for them, as this might come off as patronizing. Instead, write expecting the reader to know the basics.

Planning your essay

Amature essay writers are at times the most overconfident ones. They start the essay without any planning. This haunts them later in the essay when they are left with a rough essay with the time ticking down.

Expert writers plan their essay ahead. They are usually in a hurry to get their initial draft complete so they can get into the revision part. In fact, most writers enjoy the revision part more than the writing part. This is the reason why almost half of the time is allocated to the paper writing service online.

Researching on the subject

Most of the academic essays require information, evidence, and examples from academic papers, articles, and books. It is important to take good notes of the information that you find relevant to your subject. Some note the information down on the notes themselves in the form of summaries and main points. It is also important to make sure that the references for the sources are noted along with the information to avoid the chance of plagiarising other’s work.


There are many brainstorming techniques that you can use to brainstorm for your essay. Brainstorming is a creative process that helps you not only gather ideas but arrange the information in your essay as well. It allows you to jot down the ideas and knowledge about the subject onto the paper. The most common brainstorming techniques include:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Listing
  • Journaling
  • Freewriting

Getting down your essay outline

This outline is not permanent, but just a way to get you started on your first draft. The custom essay writer outline will be the arrangement of ideas and supporting information using your research notes and the brainstorming session. You will put down the main points and ideas in their respective place in the essay. It is always useful to have a thesis statement written and ready by the end of this process.

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