The Ultimate Essay Review Checklist

This blog is about The Ultimate Essay Review Checklist

Reviewing the essay is crucial to write my essay. A slight blemish in the structure, style, or the text can leave a bad impact on the overall performance of the essay. All the well-performing or graded essays have amongst many this thing in common: they have been rigorously reviewed and checked for errors.

For you to be able to review the essay you will have to plan your essay first to allow the time for the review process. While you can always take assistance from a free essay writer to review and edit your essay, you should be able to do it on your own. Only once you are done with the review, you can ask for a peer to write essay for me look into the essay, as the familiarity of the essay text at times lets the blatant mistakes slip by unnoticed.

Here is a checklist that you should follow in order to make sure your essay is mistake proof. 

Check for the correct structure and flow

  • The essay structure should be discernible for the reader: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion paragraphs. 
  • Each of the paragraphs should indicate the one that is to follow and should be connected to the previous ones.
  • The flow of information between the structures as well as within each paragraph should be governed by logic and reason.
  • The contents of the essay should be arranged according to an order in the body paragraphs. Usually, it is strongest to write my paper the weakest argument.

The contents of the introduction

  • The introduction should start with an essay hook to build interest in the reader to read further on in the essay.
  • The background information to the subject should be narrowed down for the reader to know the context and the subject matter.
  • The thesis statement should answer the essay prompt and provide the reader with the blueprint of your plan. 

Structure of the paragraphs

  • Each paragraph should have a topic sentence telling the reader what the paragraph will discuss.
  • Each paragraph should have a different idea.
  • Each argument should be clearly stated and backed up with strong evidence 
  • The warrant should be there connecting the arguments and the evidence to the main thesis of the essay.
  • For argumentative essays, the paragraph should further include:
    • Evidence and Examples: The evidence in the form of statistics, quotes, examples, and experiments.
    • Counterclaim: The counters to the claim along with counterexamples should be mentioned.
    • Rebuttal: The claim should be demonstrated as supreme over the counterclaims.

The conclusion

  • The thesis statement should be restated in the conclusion in light of the argument.
  • You should communicate that you have proved your thesis.
  • It can have a final word or pay someone to write my paper.

Style of writing

  • There shouldn’t be any abbreviations or contractions used in the essay.
  • Colloquial language should be avoided.
  • The vocabulary and phrases should be discipline-specific.
  • The writing should be objective and impersonal. 
  • The use of active voice should be throughout the essay.
  • The first person voice should be avoided in the essay.

References and Citation

  • There should be a separate section for references and bibliography
  • The in-text citation should be present.
  • The quotations should be formatted according to their length. 
  • The formatting styles should be followed in the essay.

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

  • Try to use proper punctuation to connect the sentences and allow for the flow in the essay.
  • Try not to use informal punctuation and style such as the ‘transition words and phrases’ and the exclamation points.
  • Make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
  • The grammar rules for formal writing should be followed throughout the essay.

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