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Some unsolicited advice for the internet porn connoisseur: the best porn sites aren’t always the free porn sites. Odds are, if you’re seeking smut for the low cost of $0, you’re going to come across a lot of unreliable, buggy, ad-filled content. Best Sex toys

It’s worth noting that you’ll likely find better, safer, more ethical porn if you pay for it. That said, there are still a ton of excellent free porn sites to choose from! Rather than spend hours vetting the entire internet, we put together our top 10 free porn sites. hire escorts near me

Sure, the most popular sites aren’t necessarily the best. But whether you’re prioritizing computer-safe porn, amateur porn, or diverse categories, these sites should keep you occupied with your budget in mind. Female Sex toys

ManyVids came up with a solution to piracy and viruses on porn tube sites: MV Tube. Billing it as “the world’s first free and ethical tube site,” ManyVids introduced MV Tube as part of a larger “movement” for free independent porn uploaded only by performers and creators. Adult content creators are welcome to upload anything from clip previews to interviews to full-sized videos. male Sex toy

MV Tube features relatively competitive payout rates, too. In February,  increased the ethical tube site’s payout to $0.67 for every collective 1,000 views per month.

 has no ads, and the company vows to remove pirated videos. They believe that “stolen content hurts all of us and has a negative effect on everyone in the industry.” Sex Toys For Your Own Pleasure

 is easily the best tube site on our list for one simple reason: it puts control in the performers’ hands. It’s expansive, pays models decently, gives users a wide selection of kinky and vanilla categories, and is relatively easy to navigate.

Just type “” into the  search bar and you’ll find free content uploaded by some of your favorite stars with no monthly recurring membership fees! Feeling like treating yourself? Follow your favorite MV Tube stars and spring for exclusive paid content as you’re able.

Chaturbate boasts a constant crowd of “new performers”, the most traffic, and wide diversity in performers. Models of all shapes, colors, and identities have a space on Chaturbate, and the number of genuine, average couples that show up to cam is strangely heartwarming.

Basic categories are featured on the site’s home page, and hashtags are easily searchable. Each room features access to livestream and menus created by the models. Viewers can buy tokens to purchase exclusive pictures and video content (or tip the performer.)

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