Download Baby Hazel Helping Time 16.0.1 APK

Assist Baby Hazel helping her family in completing their routine tasks!

♥♥Assist Baby Hazel helping her family in completing their routine tasks♥♥


So, kids get ready to help Baby Hazel to be caring and loving towards her family. Assist her in completing different activities so that mom and dad appreciates her efforts.


Now watch Baby Hazel lends a helping hand to her family. She wants to help her family in their daily chores. Can you guide her? Assist Hazel in helping mom and dad in completing different activities. While mom is busy in kitchen, help Hazel to look after Matt and fulfills all his requirements.


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♥♥Awesome game features to enjoy ♥♥ :
☛ Help Hazel to look after Matt – Mom is busy! Help Hazel to give a playful time to Matt and give him whatever he asks for
☛ Tidy up playroom – Help Hazel to make playroom pleasant and keep all the things at their place
☛ Assist Hazel in helping dad - Dad is getting late for office! Assist Hazel in packing dad's office bag and ironing his outfits
☛ Wash Car – Oh! Dad's car is so dirty and he has to go to office. Assist Hazel in washing dad's car so that he does not get late for the office
☛ Make Garage tidy – Whoops! Garage is a complete mess. Help Hazel to clear all the mess and make it clean and tidy
☛ Now make mom happy – Assist Hazel in washing utensils and make mom happy


Download this adorable app loaded with a lot of fun-filled activities! Kid will learn how to lend helping hand to their family while they play this game. They will develop a habit of helping their family and understand how tough it is to complete daily tasks.

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