Solution of HP Laptops of Charging Problem

In This Article we are discuss about the Solution of HP Laptops of Charging Problem

When you plug in your charger after connecting it with your laptop, it will usually turn on the LED and will begin to flash. This means that your laptop has been fully charged. Sometimes, your screen becomes brighter after plugging into the charger. What if none of this happens after plugging in your laptop? It's a common scenario for users of HP laptops. It could be due to many reasons which are covered in the coming sections. One of the primary reasons for this is due to the settings for power on your Windows system (Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7). We'll let you know the fastest solution to resolve this issue before your battery drains completely out.


The solution to a laptop that isn't charging



  1. To begin, go to Settings and go to 'Power and sleep'.
  2. Find the 'Screen' and the 'Sleep' menus. Check the values.
  3. Be sure that the values aren't too low since they will determine the value for the inactivity of the system when switched on.
  4. Scroll down to locate the power settings 'Additional. Then, you will be able to see the power plan list.
  5. From there, choose "Change" to update the plan you are currently on.
  6. Make sure that none of the settings is made in a way that leads to an unexpected shutdown.
  7. Select the option to change advanced settings. This is at the end of the plan for power.
  8. In this case, you can choose the option to restore the default settings but will erase any settings for power that you have made.
  9. Click OK to save your changes and then reboot your system.


What is wrong with my HP laptop stating that it is connected but isn't charging?


There could be a myriad of causes for the problem on your hp laptop plugged in not charging windows 10, so it is important to investigate the issue thoroughly to find the right person to help you find a solution. The first thing to examine in this case is the power cable on your laptop. Sometimes, there's an issue with the cable of the charger, or you're using the incorrect battery device driver. Another reason could be that you are using an obsolete driver, so it is important to install the most recent drivers. If you have updated the driver and you're still facing the same scenario, you should look into the issue with BIOS. It is a tool to manage the connections between the laptop and operating system hardware devices. If you notice that the BIOS settings are not working or are not working properly, it could be because of problems with the hardware. If the issue persists, it is possible to have your laptop repaired or talk to an HP customer service representative using HP chat.


HP laptop battery isn't charging when it is plugged in?


Even after confirming all the items and following the steps, If your laptop does not charge the battery, you should take the following steps:

  1. Utilizing HP Assistant HP Assistant software, you need to perform a battery check and install the necessary software.
  2. If the "Health Check Status" says "Replace" the battery, then take the battery out and replace it.
  3. Change the BIOS on your HP device through the support website of HP.
  4. It is possible to replace the system board in case there is no solution.


If you're still having trouble with this problem, then you need to seek advice from a professional from the representatives of HP Customer Service. They can help you find the best way to eliminate this issue as quickly as it is possible.


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