Key tips to choose the perfect function space in Prahran

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To celebrate a special occasion, we always select the perfect function space to have an exciting and memorable experience. You can select a yard, park, or even your home as a function space to celebrate any event like a wedding, birthday party, or anything else. With the availability of parks, cafes, bars, restaurants you can attend or host several Functions Prahran To select the best function space in this city of Melbourne, you can consider some of these key tips: 


See if the guests can easily access the place 

Select a venue that is quite easy to access, you don't want your guests to search for the place and waste their time asking directions. If you choose a sentimental place, it can add some extra drama and emotions to the event. Your guests should be able to reach the venue with ease and must feel comfortable at the venue otherwise they're not going to have a great time. 


Check if there's a parking lot 

The availability of a parking lot is very important otherwise your guests will have to face some serious trouble. You must choose a function space in Prahran that has enough parking space as per your invite list. If you select a function space just because it is cheap and doesn't have a parking facility, you can create problems for the guests as they have to arrange parking for themselves. 


Check the capacity 

If you're about to host a small party you don't have to give much emphasis to the capacity but if the guest list is long selecting the function space with a good capacity should be your top priority. If the number of guests is much more than the venue can accommodate, it can create a situation of panic among them and ruin their enjoyment too. 


Ask about the acoustics and sound 

Any celebration or event is incomplete without music. Before finalizing the function space, you must discuss the availability of music with the owner. Ask about their sound system, what kind of music they play, or what kind of music you want to be played. If possible you can arrange a live band too to add a lavish feel to the party. For that, you might have to take permission from the owner of the venue. 


Check the food and catering services 

The most important thing in an event is the food quality. You must ask the owner if they provide a caterer as hiring a catering service by yourself can go out of your budget. Prahran is famous for its restaurants and cafes that offer exquisite menu options and selecting a venue that can offer you the best caterer can work as the icing on the cake. 


If you’re planning to celebrate any event in Prahran you can consider It is a one-stop-shop to celebrate any event or to relax at a cafe in Prahran where you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can choose the best option from their package deals to save a decent of money and avoid menu deciding factors. Visit the website for more information. 

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