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Select your packaging wisely as the quality of eyeshadows is judged based on their packaging. Packaging is the key factor in the expansion of a trademark. We make unique boxes for each brand that helps in tempting the audience. To survive the ruthless competition, up-gradation of packaging

High Standard Printed Eye Shadow Boxes

The cosmetic industry has been thriving on countless products. Competition among different brands is making it challenging. Eye shadows are a basic makeup product that has a rich history. There are different types of eyeshadows such as matte, glittery, glossy, or high pigmented. Some of the lead brands for eyeshadow palettes are Sephora, Clinique for its twinkle trio eye palette, Pixi by Petra, Kylie cosmetics, Chante Caille polar ice eye palette, Tom Ford and Laura Mercier. Brands are not only improving their palette attractiveness but also the packaging. A huge impact on the product is created by the packaging.

Printed Eye Shadow Boxes are designed by a team of experts for each customer. We provide a statement signature box with copyrights. professional print support is offered free of cost with tooling and no extra die and plate charges. Vibrant and pastel hues are blended and exclusive boxes for eyeshadows are made in a glamorous presentation. Text worth reading with logo is made prominent with clear space and by the help of features like embossing, debossing, or raised ink.

We offer trendy printing with text and graphical representation in hi-tech features. Boxes can have reflective glossy or matte finishing attained by the use of the respective lamination sheet. We offer high-quality water-proof printing protected with AQ coating. We make the texture of the box closer to reality by curation through spot UV treatment which is a targeted therapy. Text on the Eye Shadow Box includes the details of vegan eyeshadows and some inspirational quotes. Printing has an influence on the audience by the use of images, drawings, or geometric patterns.

Customized Eye Shadow Boxes at Orchard Packaging

Designing of eyeshadow box is quite a task. It is the packaging that can create a killer impression or can lose the customer. We are open to innovation and creates mesmerizing boxes in different styles. Some most liked forms of boxes are clamshell, lid and base type, sleeve box, pillow box, reverse tuck, auto-lock bottom, and many more. Accurate Mascara Packaging of palettes is managed by making boxes in customized measurements. Different shapes are being promoted than the usual boxes. The audience admires the efforts behind the designing of a pack. 

Thoughtful Custom Eyeshadow Packaging boxes can be crafted with countless modifications. The various population is targeted with sophisticated boxes. elegant die-cut windows in fascinating shapes can create irresistible packaging. A touch of accessories can drive the customers crazy such as sequins, stones, pearls, or stickers. We convert them into gift boxes by the use of ribbons and straps for convenient carrying.

Special Offer On Customized Eye Shadow Boxes Wholesale Rate

Prices are often associated with quality. Sometimes inflation of prices is due to the top-notch quality. People who spend enough dollars for a high-quality cosmetic product will also willingly spend some extra on competent packaging. It is not just an Eyeshadow Box that is used as an overlay but is responsible for protecting the eyeshadows from being moist. The material used has enough strength to retain its shape. They protect the palettes from dirt, impurities, and external hazards.

Prices are kept in check for the promotion of the products in a better way. Wholesale reduction in prices on Eyeshadow Packaging has been giving the brands a broader margin for earning profit. Affordable boxes give you a chance to compete healthily with other trademarks. Bulk buying is an efficient way of dealing that helps in the conservation of handling and management time.

Customized Eye Shadow Packaging Boxes

Individualized Custom Eyeshadow Boxes with logos can be used to promote a brand and its advertisement. It is our responsibility to take measures to save our planet. We promote the use of eco-friendly materials instead of harmful plastic or other packaging. we consider the material that recycles naturally and quickly. Environmentally safe material decomposes by the action of biologically active micro-organisms. We use the following biodegradable material

  • Kraft paper 
  • Molded pulp
  • Cardboard
  • Buxboard
  • Paper stock
  • E-fluted corrugated material 

They can be decomposed easily and are cost-effective. Non-toxic material is obtained by processing consumers goods. It is made from wood pulp and can be bleached. Print-friendly Eyeshadow Boxes are revolutionizing the packaging standards.

Why Choose us

Reliable free shipping of Custom Boxes Wholesale is the biggest perk of choosing OrchardPackaging. The client is saved from all the trouble faced in safe consignment delivery along with the conservation of money and time. Boxes are delivered flat or assembled within 4-8business days overseas and worldwide. There is no restriction for availing of this offer. Trackable delivery can be trailed any minute by providing the tracking ID.

We have set up a team of vigilant customer representatives. They work day and night to assist the client with all kinds of Custom Boxes queries and for the exchange of ideas. We empower the client to make any kind of changes to the design which are comprehended with utmost perfection. We work to make your experience flawless.


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