Madden 21 Ultimate Team: MUT 21 TOTW 3 Predictions

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The third week of the Madden 21 season is about to begin, which will be reflected in the TOTW 3 of the Madden 21 Ultimate Team. Let us know more about MUT 21 TOTW 3. If you want to build the perfect Ultimate Team, you can now Buy MUT 21 Coins to help you get your ideal player.

TOTW is a huge project in Madden Ultimate Team and it has been changed in MUT 21. MUT 21 TOTW 3 replaces the traditional methods of all players who performed well in the NFL this week. The method will also include historical players who made statements in the third week of previous years.

Taylor Lockett (Seattle Seahawks)
The Seattle Seahawks emerged from the absolute shootout in Week 3, defeating the Dallas Cowboys by a 38-31 advantage. Tyler Lockett was a huge problem, he pulled 3 TDs within 100 yards. This is a season high for touchdowns, and it is more important than Lockett's position in MUT 21 TOTW 3.

Alton Smith (Dallas Cowboys)
Aldon Smith is a force that cannot be ignored in Week 3 of the 2020 NFL season. Under the strong push of the Dallas Cowboys, it has caused damage to the Seattle Seahawks. Smith managed to destroy 3 sacks, but this was not enough to bring the victory home. Nevertheless, Smith should still find a suitable position in TOTW 3 of Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

Alvin Camara (New Orleans Saints)
Kamara is the leader of the New Orleans Saints. Although he runs non-stop, his real performance on Sunday is the passing game. Kamala managed 2 TDs, 139 receiving yards and 58 rushing yards in the 30-37 loss of the Green Bay Packers. This performance shows that Kamara’s existence is a double threat and should win a place in MUT 21 TOTW 3.

Davin Cook (Minnesota Vikings)
Dalvin Cook’s Minnesota Vikings may be 30-31 behind the Tennessee Titans, but he averaged 8.1 yards per entry. outstanding. Cook ran 181 yards, and 22 vehicles charged on Sunday with 18 receiving yards. Although he did not get touchdowns from other offensive superstars this week, his yardage is a big deal in the game. Even if the team collapses elsewhere, it also helps the Vikings to secure a position on the court in a tense moment. Madden 21 is about to usher in the third week of the season, and now is the time to Buy MUT Coins so that you can acquire outstanding players.

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