Why does POE Harvest have both positive and negative reviews

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In the Harvest League that has ended, it once brought players a lot of joy. Everything has two sides. Some players still hold negative comments on certain parts of the league. Although they can continuously get POE Currency through hard agricultural activities, it obviously cannot satisfy them. Players are no strangers to the way the POE game team launches a new league every season. Challenge League is a great way for players to test experimental versions in the fresh economy when interacting with new mechanics.

Harvest is the second league version released by GGG this year. Players can get seeds from playing games, which can plant monsters. Killing these monsters will give powerful crafting modifiers that change the POE. From upgrading new characters to the impact on the core game, the following are the points of praise and complaints about the POE Harvest League.

Most of the league mechanisms in POE will bring major danger to the first few days of any league. Many skilled players will skip the league mechanism altogether because they slow down the game because they will not provide good loot in the opening game. By allowing players to create or upgrade the equipment they need, Harvest has done an outstanding job in solving this problem. The increased damage, movement speed and even recoloring items on the opening day of the league are invaluable to any player. As of the release of Harvest, no league has upgraded better than it was then.

Because of the design of the league, party games are usually the second-to-last in most leagues, but no league has such a positive impact on teams as Harvest. The seeds dropped in each instance can only use by the host of that instance, and cannot grant to the entire team. The magical rewards for discovery give the monsters in the Harvest League ample loot, but unlike previous leagues, each player in the party cannot fully accept the actual league mechanism.

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