A Comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Process

At Hawaii Pro Exhaust and Wash, we deep clean your restaurant kitchen affordably.

Comprehensive kitchen cleaning entails cleaning the whole commercial kitchen, including the ceiling, flooring, equipment, prep tables, walls. The primary goal of this sort of kitchen cleaning is to reach regions that are inaccessible during routine maintenance drills. Dirt grease collect in the spaces surrounding refrigerators and under kitchen ranges. The deep cleaning method begins with the high-level walls ceiling, but all difficult-to-reach locations are eventually addressed.

A comprehensive commercial exhaust cleaning company that follows the specifications of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) can be entrusted to complete this task. The comprehensive cleaning of these kitchens necessitates a meticulous approach. The kitchen's equipment, including grills fryers, are dismantled. The next step is to strip them down to the bare metal.

Deep kitchen cleaning services comprise standard techniques for cleaning the exhaust system. This involves cleaning the exhaust hood, horizontal or vertical ductwork, exhaust fans. This type of cleaning is compliant with fire code requirements guarantees protection from the threat of exhaust system fires. All kitchen areas are wrapped with fresh plastic before the exhaust system is cleaned. Following that, a plastic funnel is inserted beneath the hood to drain the dirt, oil, and other types of unwanted particle buildup.

The above-mentioned comprehensive approach prevents grease accumulation in the system from entering the kitchen drains. In a detailed cleaning process, a combination of scrubbing, chemical degreasing power washing is used to get rid of the grease and accumulated dirt. After the cleaning is complete, your exhaust hood is polished filters are reinstalled. The last step in the detailed cleaning process is the removal of plastic draping, followed then by the wiping mopping of kitchen floors.

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