Advantage of Enamelled Aluminium /Enamelled Copper Winding Wire

Advantage of Enamelled Aluminium /Enamelled Copper Winding Wire

Enameled wire is a main type of winding wire, which is composed of a conductor and an insulating layer. After the bare wire is softened by annealing, it is painted and baked many times. However, it is not easy to produce products that not only meet the requirements of the standard, but also meet the requirements of customers. It is affected by the quality of raw materials, process parameters, production equipment, environment and other factors. Therefore, the quality characteristics of various Aluminum Winding Wire are different, but they all have Mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties are four major properties.


One of the primary properties that make Enamelled Aluminium Wire and Enamelled copper wire desirable for wide applications is the thin enameling insulation. Transformers, motors and generators are all machines based on the coil, which is a device that generates magnetic fields and electrical currents using large coils of wire. The smaller these devices are, the stronger they are. Because Enameled Aluminum Magnet Wire and Enameled copper Magnet Wire is insulated by a thin coat of enamel instead other types of thicker insulation like paper, fibre glass, mica etc. As Enamel Aluminum Wire or Enamel Copper Wire takes up less space in coil formation so it makes more effective and compact coils with higher efficiency.


Enameled Aluminium Winding Wire and Enameled copper Winding wire are widely used in electric devices because of their conductivity. Aluminium Enameled Wire and Copper Enameled wire are meant to carry electrical currents. Specially, Enamel Copper Magnet Wire has less resistance than almost any other insulated wires. This means that generators using enamel copper wires will produce more electricity than generators using most other substances. Coils of Motors made of Enamel Copper Winding Wire will produce more motion. Transformers made of Enamel Aluminium Wire or Enamel Copper Wire will lose less energy.

Resistance to Corrosion

The third feature of enameled copper wire / enamelled aluminum wire that make them so attractive for use in these devices is its resistance to corrosion. Enamelled Aluminum Copper Magnet Wire is the material of choice for use in electrical circuits, as it lasts for a long time.

The mechanical, electrical and chemical characteristics of enamelled aluminum magnet wire differ from those of copper magnet wire because of the inherent differences in the conductor materials. These differences are reflected in certain test procedures and/or performance requirements for aluminum enameled magnet wire, such as elongation, adherence and flexibility, heat shock, scrape resistance, continuity and thermal endurance.

The advantage of aluminum enameled winding wire is light weight. This product is widely used in electrical tools, ballasts, automotive electronics, refrigerator and air conditioner compressor motors, television sets, electric stove, microwave ovens, various transformers, and other kinds of electronic coil motors, electrical appliances.

Enamelled Aluminium magnet wire is sometimes used for large transformers and motors, but because of its lower electrical conductivity, an aluminium enameled wire must have 1.6 times the cross sectional area as a copper wire to achieve comparable DC resistance. Smaller diameter magnet wire usually has a round cross section. Thicker Aluminum Magnet Wire is often square or rectangular (with rounded corners) to permit more efficient use of available winding space.

Modern Enamelled Aluminium Magnet Wire or Enameled Copper Magnet Wire typically uses one to three layers of polymer film insulation, often of two different compositions, to provide a tough, continuous insulating layer. Magnet wire insulating films use (in order of increasing temperature range) polyvinyl formal or Formvar (PVF), polyurethane, polyamide (PUW), polyester (PEW), polyester-polyimide (EIW), polyamide-polyimide (or amide-imide) (AI-EIW), and polyimide (AIW). Polyimide insulated magnet wire is capable of operation at up to 250°C. The insulation of thicker square or enamelled rectangular aluminium or copper magnet wire is often augmented by wrapping it with a high-temperature polyimide or fiberglass tape, and completed windings are often vacuum impregnated with an insulating varnish to improve insulation strength and long-term reliability of the winding.

Other types of insulated conductors such as fiber glass insulated copper / aluminium round flat wires with varnish, nomex insulated copper / aluminium round flat wires, kraft paper insulated copper / aluminium round flat wires, mica insulated copper / aluminium round flat wires, kapton insulated copper / aluminium round flat wires, and polyester film insulated copper / aluminium round flat wires are also widely used across the world for various applications like motors, transformers and reactors.

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