Important recovery tips for patients undergoing cataract surgery

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The success rate of cataract surgery is very high and it brings life-changing benefits too. Even though the surgery is quick and simple, patients have to take care of some tips for a rapid recovery. There are some general precautions that you can't avoid otherwise you'll have to face some dire consequences. If you're about to have cataract surgery in Arizona or anywhere else, these post-surgery tips will definitely help you in getting the best outcomes:

Avoid driving

It is advised that a person that is undergoing cataract surgery in Arizona or anywhere else must avoid driving after the surgery. You can contact someone who can drop you home right after the surgery but you must avoid driving for at least 3-4 days. During this time, you can seek help from a friend or consider public transport to travel. After the surgery, the doctors will give you some protective gear and tell you the time after which you can drive comfortably.

Avoid vigorous exercise

You must avoid doing any heavy tasks or strenuous activity after the surgery. The reason behind that is performing heavy lifting will put some pressure on your eyes too and it can interfere with the incision. Incisions require some time to heal and performing any heavy lifting can create some complications for you later. Also, you must avoid positions like putting your head below your waist as it can put pressure on your eyes too.

Stay away from harsh lighting

You must avoid any harsh lighting for at least a day after undergoing eye surgery in Arizona or anywhere else. You must maintain a distance from such sources of harsh light that include television, laptop, computer, and even your mobile phone. Moreover, you can switch on dim light at your home while you're resting and give comfort to your eyes.

Be cautious while taking a shower

Even though you're allowed to take a bath or shower after the surgery, you must be very cautious while you do that. Do not use soapy water to wash your face for at least a week as it can enter your eyes too. Make sure that the water is perfectly clean as the presence of any pollutants or dirty elements in the water can create serious complications further.

Don't miss any follow-up appointment

As you heal, the doctor's job is to examine the eyes from time to time and give you the right medication according to the condition. You have to visit the doctor the very next day of the surgery and he or she will tell you about the recovery process and will ask you to come again after a month or so. You must skip these appointments at any cost.

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