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Real estate leads are the heart of a real estate professionals business. An agent turns the lead into a client, and eventually, the client into a sale. Of course, without proper follow-up procedures, real estate leads are pretty much worthless. The work comes in when trying to convert real estate leads to real estate clients. Without persistent and consistent follow-up, the conversion can't happen.


When dealing with real estate leads from online generation services, the prospective client is usually at the very beginning stages of a home buying or selling process, or just considering their options. It's up to the agent to take them from that point to the point where they are ready to list with an agent and make their move. There are quite a few ways for agents to follow up with their real estate leads, but for the sake of time, here are 5 top-notch tips on how to follow up real estate leads generated online:


  1. Research - Use the information from the homeowner (usually name, address, phone number, email, and property information) and do some research on public directory sites.


Cross-reference the phone number and the name, and you can even do a reverse address lookup to make sure the names on the real estate leads match up with the people listed in the white pages for hose addresses.


Also, pull up old owner and tax records to double check the owner of the home as well as the last time it sold. You may even want to get directions to the property itself and map out the easiest route to get from where you are to the property.


  1. Build a Timeline - Map out when and how you will contact your real estate leads. You should be calling and e-mailing the homeowner a minimum of twice a week to try and get a hold of them, introduce yourself and determine their best real estate lead providers. Use the number provided on the lead's information, as well as any additional contact information you found through public directory sites and your own resources. Don't leave a message EVERY time you call and be sure to call at different times of the day.


  1. Direct Mail - Mail out an introduction letter with some general information on the lead's property, neighborhood, and state of the market. Be sure to include a business card and any other promotional material you have (pens, calendars, magnets, etc.) Be sure to request that the best lead providers call you or email you just to let you know they received the package you sent. Exclusive Real Estate Leads



  1. Comparative Market Analysis - Prepare a general CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for the lead's property - keep the information as general and any figures as estimates, that way you leave questions in the lead's mind that they will have to contact you to ask about. If you haven't been able to get a hold of them via phone or email, stop by the property several times until you can hand them the CMA in person.


  1. Say Thank You - Prepare a thank you gift for the lead providers, whether or not you've spoken with them, just to show your appreciation. After two months of contacting them and providing them with information, drop off your thank you present when you will be able to hand it directly to them.


 The thank-you can be anything - a pair of movie tickets, a small gift certificate, a decoration for their home, etc. It actually might be better to give your real estate leads something they can set up in their home- that way every day they see it, your name comes to mind.



Whether you get in touch with your leads the first time you try or after 2 months of contacting them, if you follow these tips, you will win over the majority of your exclusive real estate leads.




 Persistent and consistent follow-up (without being TOO annoying) is the key to showing real estate leads that you are an agent willing to go the extra mile for them. Even if the lead tells you they're "not interested", continue to send them tidbits of information they may find useful every now and again and be sure to include your business card.


Real estate agents who have the highest real estate lead providers to clients' conversion rates are the ones who persistently and consistently follow-up with their leads and do everything in their power to help out a homeowner - whether they wind up getting business from it or not.


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