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If you visit Goa, kayaking should be one of the things you can do in the north of the country, and if you are a nature lover, visiting Fort Aguada must also be on your list of "Activities in Mapusa" as you are sure to experience some of India's most amazing natural beauties and the beauty of nature in its natural state. Take a look at this list and make sure you try it out as it is one of the most amazing places in all of Goa. If you love nature, then visiting this place should be one of the things you do in Mapusa, and since Goa is known for its beauty, kayaking is another thing you can admire the beauty of nature in its natural state. Mapusa is the complete package that can help you enjoy everything to the fullest, so visit them all! 


Mapusa is known to have many species that are nowhere else to be found, and you can see many of these species as it shares its borders with the Arabian Sea. This place is full of fun and a lot of people enjoy getting tattoos and there is no better place for them than Mapusa. From an affordable place to get tattoos to the beautiful nature of this place, Mapusa is simply amazing.  The nature reserve where tourists and even the inhabitants of Goa get to see many different animals. From deer to elephants, tigers, leopards, rhinos and many other animals, everything is at home here. Elephant rides help tourists get an insight into the traditional life of the Goa and at the same time experience the natural beauty of this place. 


Traveling with loved ones on a big ferry or boat is one of the unique experiences of traveling and you are invited to participate in community workshops and explore the wonders. Paddling a boat at your own speed makes kayaking a great way to admire the beauty of this place. The cruise-in Mapusa does not need any introduction as it is famous all over the world. Experiencing tropical fish and corals in crystal clear blue waters is simply fantastic, and when it comes to Goa, there is no better place to shop than the Mapusa market. The more you visit Goa, the more urge you will have for Goa, because there are many things to see and discover. 


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