The 5 shades of LGBTQ wedding planners in Delhi

In India wedding is like uniting two different communities and cultures.

In India wedding is like uniting two different communities and cultures. Well, it’s all about the knot of love, care, and respect. Rather, it’s a man weds men or a woman weds women. Or, it can be two different genders wedding planners in Delhi are surely accepting and appreciating different shades of marriage. 


Here we’re talking about LGBTQ! Yes, it stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (or queer). The fact is that; 75% population hardly determines the differences of the LGBTQ community. Here we go!


Know what are they?

  • Lesbian: when she loves her!
  • Gay: when he loves him!
  • Bisexual: when a person is physically and sexually attracted to both genders.
  • Transgender: As the identity of their gender can be different as they are assigned from birth. Like trans/male or trans/female. 
  • Questioning: A person who’s still discovering their gender identity.


How do wedding planners organize the same gender wedding?

Look! It’s completely normal and it’s 2021 to feel the essence of love in the manner of gay or lesbian. So, the event planners prefer to organize all the arrangements according to their choices. 

  • The perfect decoration with LGBTQ colorful flag.
  • Cake or food platter with according to the guests.
  • Rather it’s more than 2000 guests or having the small wedding they accordingly prepare them all.
  • Even, you can ask for the venues and any theme. 
  • Some wedding planners offer photography so ask for it.
  • Therefore, they are responsible for the flower to the cocktail party. 



Now, you understand the community of LGBTQ and also about their normal wedding arrangements. So, if you’re one of them then search event planners in Delhi at ZoopGo. Hence, you’ll find an experienced one. Be ready and invest for the best. And also congratulations if you’re planning for a great wedding.   



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