Male Infertility treatment in Nepal

Male Infertility treatment in Nepal: At the current time, three out of eight people are facing sterility. Infertility is becoming a widespread issue.

Male Infertility treatment in Nepal: At the current time, three out of eight people are facing sterility. Infertility is becoming a widespread issue. Everyone on their path is trying to find a permanent solution and wants to have their baby. Infertility is snatching their right to become parents. After some time of marriage, having a baby is a dream for every couple. Some couples are unable to fulfil their need for a child and sacrifice the happiness of their life. In Nepal, many fertility centres offer a variety of treatments to cure sterility. Till now, many foreign couples can have their baby in Nepal. The costs of various infertility treatments are cheaper. The travelling charges also do not cost as much as in western countries. The success rates of the treatments are higher than in any other country.

Infertility treatments available in Nepal:

Nepal offers various treatments to infertile couples with high-quality methods and advanced equipment. The treatments and services are:

  • Counseling

Counselling is the first and crucial step for any further treatments. After counselling, doctors can suggest the needed cure to the patient. Every clinic in Nepal provides counselling at the very first point to every patient. The consultants in the clinics are specialists and experts in their field. They provide consultancy that is confidential and safe. In counselling, doctors do some screening of the quality of eggs and sperm of the couple. Check their medical history. They do some checkups to find out the reason for sterility. Then the doctors advise a treatment.

  • IVF treatment

 (In Vitro Fertilization) IVF is a famous treatment. In the treatment, fertilization of an egg and sperm takes place outside the body in a laboratory. The doctors monitor the formation of an embryo. After monitoring, the complete growth of the fetus outside the body. The doctors implant it in the uterus of women.

 The treatment is to cure infertility in women. The woman faces infertility issues like a blockage in both fallopian tubes, irregular ovulation, PCOS, unknown fertility problems, etc. The women at the age of 35 or more are unable to conceive. IVF is a successful treatment for these women.

  • IUI Treatment

(Intrauterine Insemination) In this treatment, the doctors washed and prepared sperm to deliberately infuse it in the uterus near the egg. It helps in the fertilization without any blockage. The IUI treatment is helpful when at least one fallopian tube is open in women, the sperm count in men is low, and donor sperm.

  • ICSI

 (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) treatment is for male infertility. The single sperm is injected into the egg for fertilization. Helps the patients with problems like poor or no count of sperm in the semen, blockage in the male reproductive tract that stops sperm from getting out, blockage in the fallopian tube of women, defect in the shape or size of the sperm can be treated by ICSI.

  • Surgical sperm retrieval (TESA/PESA)

In this surgery, the sperms can be collected from different parts of the reproductive tract. Need Minor surgery in the treatment. Doctors examine the sperm before using it for fertilization.

  • Donor program 

The donor facility is available in the clinics of Nepal. Clinics provide donor eggs and sperm to the couple who are unable to produce.

  • Surrogacy

The fertility centres in Nepal offer surrogacy also to the patient, who lost all the hopes of getting pregnant because of multiple miscarriages, life-threatening diseases, and removal of reproductive parts.  They offer surrogate mothers at affordable prices.

The cost of infertility treatment in Nepal

The costs of infertility treatments in Nepal are highly reasonable. The cost of different infertility treatments in Nepal:

  Infertility Treatments

Costs in NPR

Conventional IVF (using self sperm and egg)     

3 ,40,000

  IVF using donor egg    

3 ,40,000+1 ,40,000

  IVF using donor sperm            

3 ,40, 000+50 ,000

  ICSI with IVF   

3 ,40,000

  IMSI with IVF  

3 ,40,000+50 ,000

  TESA with IVF  

3,40,000+ 60 ,000


The various factors that influence the costs:

  •           Advanced technologies can increase the total cost.
  •           Different screenings increase the cost.
  •           The experienced doctors and medical staff charge extra.
  •           The failed cycle needs another cycle that costs the same as the first cycle.
  •           The travelling cost can influence the total cost of treatment.

The success rates at Surrogate mother Nepal

Success Rate of ivf in Nepal :The success rate of infertility treatments are high compared to other countries. the success rates of infertility treatment are 70% in Nepal. It means IVF in Nepal helped many patients to have their new ones in their hands. Different factors that affect the success rates are:

  • Age

 The age of the patient matters a lot in the success of any treatment. Patients at the age of 35 or more than their success rate will be less than 25% to 30%. Patients at 20 to 30 years have higher success rates at 70%.

  • Health 

Health determines the condition of a patient. The ability to produce the quality of eggs and sperm of any patient is good. They have more chances to conceive.

  • Methods and techniques

The success rates of any treatment depend on the use of methods and techniques. Using advanced techniques increases the rates. If the clinic is not providing modern techniques, it leads to fewer success rates.

  • Experienced staff

The experience of doctors and friendly medical staff also increases success in any treatment.

  • Facilities

The clinics provide facilities like donor programs, surrogacy, advanced treatments, etc. It increases the success rates.

  • Reason of infertility 

 The reason for infertility determines the further treatment of the patient. The doctors will be able to cure the patient after knowing the reasons.  

The cost of infertility treatments in Nepal is reasonable compared to other countries like the US, USA, Ukraine, etc. The Best Infertility Clinic in Nepal provides better services at a maximum success rate. Patients from different countries are travelling to Nepal for their infertility treatment. The centres avail a variety of treatments in one place.

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