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Paris PSG x AJ4 is here! Air Jordan 4 “PSG” White/Neutral Grey-Black-Bordeaux 2020 CZ5624-100 For Sale Online

Paris PSG x AJ4 is here! Air Jordan 4 “PSG” White/Neutral Grey-Black-Bordeaux 2020 CZ5624-100 For Sale Online

In recent years, Jordan Brand has maintained close cooperation with the French giants Paris Saint-Germain. Every fall, they will bring PSG co-branded Air Jordan Shoes 2020. This kind of cross-border co-branding is full of gimmicks. After the Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 6 both gained good popularity in the previous two years, the more popular Air Jordan 4 was chosen as the prototype this year.
This year's Air Jordan 4 "PSG" has changed the previous customary black and gray tones in design. Instead, it uses a large area of ​​white lychee leather to create the upper, adding black and purple accents to bring out a touch of noble temperament. At the same time, many details of the shoe body show the joint identity. The iconic "PANAME" label is decorated on the front of the shoe body, the heel rubber decorative piece is changed to Jordan and Paris joint logo, and the shoe handle is changed to black horizontal stripes. The shoe box is also dressed in purple with black, and is embellished with a joint logo. This pair of shoes is officially on sale,
If you have watched Jordan's latest documentary "The Last Dance", you will definitely find that the Joe gang himself has a special affection for the city of Paris. Even last year, Jordan personally led a group of Jordan Brand signing stars such as Westbrook and Anthony to participate in events in Paris, which shows that Jordan himself loves and values ​​Paris. It is for this reason that Jordan Brand has maintained a close cooperative relationship with the French giant Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The joint name of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the Air Jordan series has also become a reserved item that toe toes look forward to every year. Following the PSG joint Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 6 released two years ago, the new joint names of the two parties also unveiled the mystery this morning. As previously reported, PSG chose Air Jordan 4 as the design blueprint this year.

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