How to make perfect cooking in the New World

The New World has a system that can make items according to the player's own rhythm. In order to obtain resources, you can explore the surrounding world or complete corresponding tasks by using collection skills.


The New World has a system that can make items according to the player's own rhythm. In order to obtain resources, you can explore the surrounding world or complete corresponding tasks by using collection skills. Whether it's weapons or armor or furniture or tools, players in the New World can use their extensive trade skills to make some tools.
Cooking is the most important trading skill in the New World. If the player needs to get those important healing items, and cooking can provide you with all kinds of food from rations to meals, through long-term benefits, you can increase your town's reputation.
Do you want to be the chef of Aeternum? The following cooking basics can help you.

Gathering ingredients
If you want to cook the kitchen or the shelf can't be empty, you need the right ingredients to make the recipe you want. There are three ways to get raw materials when going out to play: killing and skinning animals, harvesting herbs and bushes, and harvesting fruits and vegetables from farmstands.
Skinning animals need two things: a skinning knife and a dead animal. The dead animals may be killed by others and not necessarily yours, so be polite when acquiring them, and don't just steal the bounties killed by others. The meat contained in animals can be first-class meat such as pork or poultry, high-level meat such as red meat or venison, or fish caught by fishing.
You can collect skills or take other ingredients to make New World Coins  recipes. Players can find things like nuts, berries, and herbs in the wild. In addition, you can also find larger items such as fruits and vegetables in various agricultural landmarks in the world by fighting with enemy NPCs. Players can also obtain milk from cows in settlements.
In addition, you can find ingredients in the supply boxes of different landmarks. When your backpack or storage room is full of ingredients, cooking can begin.

What recipes to cook
Any cooking station in any settlement can start cooking at any time. To save space, you can store the ingredients in the storage room while cooking, but make sure that the place you cook is the same as the storage room you have been using.
The initial tutorial tasks after creating the character require you to master several levels of cooking skills. They allow you to make all four basic recovery foods: Light Ration, Travel Ration, Energizing Light Ration, and Energizing Travel Ration. Recovery of life can consume the Light and Travel Rations, restoring mana can consume he Energizing rations. Relatively speaking, the Travel Ration Amazon New World Coins is better.
The Travel Ration can provide more cooking points and experience when you make them, and it can also provide better recovery for those who eat them. Need a single tier-two raw food: such as red meat, and one raw food from any tier, you can make any Travel Ration. And it allows you to get 24 cooking points on the basis
If you want to unlock the craftable cooking components such as flour, butter and cheese, then you can reach the cooking level to level 5. If you want to unlock some food recipes for trade skills, you need to increase the level to level 20. If you want to get more from other collection skills, you can spend more points rewarded by these recipes.
If you reach level 40, you can unlock the food that provides long-term benefits for various attributes. Each food recipe is classified according to each attribute and unlocked one by one by improving the cooking level:
Level 21 to 25: Strength foods
Level 26 to 30: Dexterity foods
Level 31 to 35: Intelligence foods
Level 40 to 45: Constitution foods
Level 45 to 49: Focus foods
Since most of them require specific items rather than anything in the hierarchy, these recipes are not easy to make, but they can get you a lot of cooking points.
The last thing to note is: the town committee in the settlement can provide you with a specific number of carefully crafted cooking recipes that can help you complete the task. Getting advanced recipes is not easy, but after you spend some money on New World Coins on, you can buy the recipes you want to cook in various ways. What are you still hesitating?

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