It is the first time players have seen a new POE league with the theme of robbery

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The POE Heist league not only allows players to form a robbery team to steal things, they can also see that some fixed elements in the game have changed by the development team. The most representative is that the improved curse will help players increase their strength and self-cast. Players may notice that many existing curses will have improved visual effects and slightly different attributes. It binds players who can use it reasonably to play a greater role in the robbery process and get more POE Currency.

Leagues with the theme of robbery are very rare, at least for POE. If the players succeed in the robbery, they can sell the stolen items to get a lot of profit, but we should note it that if the alarm level triggered by the players is too high, many guards will come to arrest them. Failure means that all their efforts for the robbery, including the stolen things, disappear.

The arrival of the new league has promoted the cooperation between players. Players also need to consider the formation of the best team of thieves and the best action plan. The looters also provided the GGG with the opportunity to use the new AI, which enabled the guards to defend their territory in an organized manner. If any of the assets in the new expansion look more fashionable, it is because some new monsters are initially going to debut in the upcoming POE 2.

What makes Mac users excited for the first time is that they can finally enjoy the new POE league at the same time as PC users. It sets its specific release time on September 18th. Mac users should remember that they can only download the Mac version of POE from the official POE website to play the new league. We do not find its download address on the Mac App Store. The most important thing is that Mac users are best to Buy POE Trade in advance to avoid rushing in the game.


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