Will there ever come a time at which I quit considering runescape?

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I havnt played runescape for more then a few days at the past maybe 2 decades? like a week then depart for 2 months, I return to play with it. Im now on OSRS gold my stretch of approximately a year and I still think about it every day. My hopes, my goals. Stuff like that. Once the fuck do I IDK man quit thinking about this game. I DONT PLAY THIS GOD DAM GAME ANYMORE. Im even planning shit outside in excel wrong. Im 26 I need this game man, I dont. Video games, this sport in particular, are just low representations of existence. Standing, goals, being capable, being besides a clan- they hack your evolutionary biology; especially because you are a goal seeking animal that must be progressing towards a target, not even automatically attaining the target but also the pursuit of one.

A great deal of folks do play with video games but your character comes from a deficiency of those fulfillments on your life. My advice would be to take stock of yourself and figure out what goals - then create progressions towards those endeavors. RuneScape will always be an appealing option because, not only are the targets easier to attain than irl goals, but Runescape is constantly tapping into your requirement for a pursuit of goals (believe the way the xp floats toward your complete xp when you're skilling, the way your total killcount increases with each kill) resulting in more instantaneous gratification. Have an aim, compare yourself to that you were yesterday, find peace brother.

I'm not sure it is. You see, there is a singular banana worth 125gp about the market, although in practice its more like 160. I really don't have access to ape atoll as me and my friend are going to do it together later on, but this still makes them very interesting as a possible source of money right. So I tried khazard, dumping them and buying 15 bananas at a time. A round trip is fast, but the world hopping is slow, and the profit is not amazing.

Now bananas to baskets is more rewarding, though bananas are now more expensive than the exchange would suggest making them a way of condensing peanuts into stock space for 891 a soda. Purchasing peanuts before planet swapping and performing it again, causes a profit of a hour. Its okay. The problem is, simply taking flour and sending it together with the butler into the lender has a profit of 1 million per hour, which is my current best in terms of rewarding activity. So its not even close for a whole lot longer work.

You will find two alternative sources of bananas: The banana plantation, in addition to the spell bones now while without ape buying bananas may be from Old School RuneScape Gold the window. A preliminary evaluation of the banana farm signaled that it would undoubtedly be slower than wheat, which is a pity. But, bones to bananas is interesting. So is there some kind of place in Runescape where bones are common? Can you receive a large amount of bones anywhere? The boneyard is something as it turns out, and you're able to get there pretty with teleports. Now, flour is roughly 300 gold per second, supposing that you market it on the marketplace for 200 and you make no errors (which is not too challenging ), making that the figure to conquer


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