To-Do App With Flutter: Step By Step Guide

Here's a step by step guide to develop a TODO app using Flutter. Develop your first app with us

When it comes to mobile app development there are plenty of frameworks and programming languages to choose from. But, in recent years Flutter is gaining popularity because of its benefits. Developers are enjoying working on this platform and so it is also the second most used programming language for development.


Flutter is easy to learn and implement compared to other programming languages. Due to its features like single code-base, support for multiple platforms, etc., Flutter stands out. Going further, let’s see how to build a step by step guide to develop a ToDo App using Flutter and why you should hire Flutter app developer.


Have knowledge of object oriented programming languages like Dart, Flutter, Java, etc.

Let’s get started:

Things Needed:

Here, we have used Flutter SDK and Android Studio for an editor. Refer this guide for Flutter installation and Android Studio setup.

Create an Application:

Create a New Project:

Step 1: In the IDE, click on the welcome window or File → New → Project → New Project from the main IDE window.

Step 2: Select Flutter in the menu, and click Next.

Step 3: Enter your Project name and Project location.

Step 4: If you are going to publish this app, set the company domain.

Step 5: Click Finish.

Your newly created project will be the flutter default app.

Data Structure:

Now the first step is to create the data structure as we will define which data structure is going to be used to store the TODO list tasks.


Here, we will develop a class to hold the information about the task to do so, create a file named task.dart in /lib and write the following code:


class Task {
// Class properties
Int _id;
String _name;
bool _completed;


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