New celebrity discovered playing with runescape?

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Elon likes to cater to viewers. He likely doesn't play. Yeah, his reply is vague enough for plausible deniability on. If he played with runescape, Elon certainly would've already cashed that in (quite ) publicly to score points with RuneScape gold the internet. While I do believe he does not play RS, I feel as though he'd go for another game if this was the reason. Wouldn't fortnite be a lot better for attractive to children? Many people actually play with RS these days?

Classic Elon trying to appear relatable so people do not notice his practices are. Elon has no loyalty to anything, and that I do not know how he is being backed by conservatives. He enjoys two things: clout/power and money. If he sees he's going to receive imaginary internet points out of alt-right twitter by submitting anti-socialist ideas twitter he will do it, if he sees he gets internet points for playing a game he'll hint he plays it, he just wants clout and focus. Same with money. Covid costs him money?

Covid makes him cash? "Yes let us be safe and quarantine." I mean. He also has insecurity problems, simply look at how the whistleblower scenarios were handled by him in the past, a few level shit there. Lol accurate, but then they should also appreciate Warren Buffett or Bill Gates too. I feel like they know that he's just playing the field for focus and should see through the pandering of Elon. Well the difference is those people don't love money too much. I don't know as much about Warren Buffer, but Bill Gates was able to love money a lot more than he currently does (in his younger days he had been a really aggressive with money making and has since cooled down).

They have a good deal of money, but they both've advocated hugely that they shouldn't have that much money. Bill Gates has argued he should be paying more in taxes and has committed to giving 95% of his wealth away. If he would like to give it give it off. I'm sick of these elites saying shit like"I should pay more in taxation". Why can you pay in taxation? If you want to help allocate that money right to the peopme/charities that need it. Clearly the government is not at helping the most proficient. Why leave it up to figure out it? We have lots of people that can use some help at the moment. Give away it Mr. Gates should you want to.

I mean he very much is. His entire time job is giving money away and he is also convinced many other"elites" to give away 95 percent of their wealth too. And why pay more? Because there are things that the government does that can't be done (or can't be carried out easily) from the private sector. Universal Basic Income necessitates the coordination that the government has. Switching to healthcare demands a guaranteed supply of OSRS Gold For Sale knowledge and funds that the government owns. Fixing bridges and roads. Taxes are a revenue source which may be used to install permanent applications.


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