Top 10 innovative sarees you should have in your wardrobe.

Read and know best latest innovative saree for women and make your fashion style more trendy.

Indians and sarees have the never-ending love saga. Gift woman the wardrobe full of sarees, and she would still be eyeing on a new saree she can add to her wardrobe. Personifying elegance and sheer luxury are these beautiful woven pieces crafted on 6 ft yards. There isn't a mood that saree cannot set right.

Want formal workwear? Go for a cotton saree.

Want to make a statement at a cocktail party? Go bold with a sequin saree.

Want a little bit of a traditional look? Drape yourself a beautiful silk saree.

Well, the rich cultural heritage of India comes with a fashion statement of its own. Pick a region, and there is a saree dominating the world from that place. What makes you think that woes the people from across the world to come and shop in India. Saree is no longer an Indian fashion garment. It's a global fashion statement maker. And if you, too, like us, are drooling over your love for sarees, these top 10 innovative sarees should be part of your DIVALICIOUS wardrobe.

1. Silk Saree

It's nothing but just a pure mulberry silk saree. These finely woven sarees are incredibly soft and have a smooth texture to them. When paired with incredible colors, the fluid-like fall of the saree is sure to make you look like a royal queen. There's a silk saree for every occasion, and one cannot have enough of them in their wardrobes, could they?

2. Printed Saree

Be it handcrafted or machine-printed, and there's a print suited perfectly for your style. A printed saree is known for its dynamic styling. From brunch to formal parties, a saree with excellent print could turn heads wherever you go.

Besides, it's your safest bait when you are boggled with thoughts of what to wear.

3. Cotton Saree

India is the 3rd largest cotton saree manufacturer, and there's a reason why we Indians are so in awe of our kinds of cotton'. They are simply alluring, fashionable with no unnecessary glitz and glam to them. They could be your staple wardrobe additions, and you wouldn't mind having a bunch of loads of them.

4. Chanderi Cotton Saree

Such sarees are known for their finest weaving. Chanderi cotton carries with itself an unmissable charm of its own. chanderi cotton saree is regal and makes for a perfect style statement in weddings, parties, and casual brunch. They are versatile and can be paired excellently to curate varying moods.

5. Tussar Silk Saree

Originating from the Bhagalpur district of Bihar the, tussar silk saree speaks of the rich cultural heritage of that region. Handcrafted sarees with gold and silver threads, these exquisite sarees are embossed on pure silk weaves and are known for their subtle elegance.

6. Crepe Silk Saree

Crepe has made it to our wardrobes for decades with its extremely sheen, soft, and crinkled texture. When paired with Silk, they make for the undeniably stylish sarees you couldn't miss not having. In addition the, crepe silk saree is a favorite amongst young women who are stunned by changing fashion and styles.

7. Linen Cotton Saree

Linen Cotton is the modish fabric you couldn't afford to have. But, they are plaintiff yet undeniably stylish. Known for its versatile nature, the linen cotton saree is like an investment in your wardrobe. You could never go wrong with it. It's always in vogue, and it's going to make your skin feel LOVELY.

8. Chiffon Saree

This lightweight chiffon saree has beautiful fluidity to them, giving them a perfect fall. They are perfectly suited for Indian bodies and gives an amped-up effect to your curves. Moreover, sarees manufactured on machinery make for a comfortable wardrobe addition throughout the year.

9. Bandhani Saree

Bandhej is the rich traditional heritage of India. Bandhani has made its way across the nook corner of the world for its beautiful weaving patterns. Wherever you belong from India, the bandhani saree couldn't be your unfavorable choice. The colors, the patterns, the vibrancy of these sarees are simply unparalleled.

10. Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Your mom or grandmom has likely handed you down a Kanjivaram silk saree. After all, they have made their presence in every Indian woman's wardrobe. Originating from the tiny village of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, Kanjivaram Sarees are now manufactured everywhere, especially in Surat- the textile hub.

They are hands down the most beautiful zari work saree investment you could make.

Summing up, Indians could never truly have enough sarees in their wardrobe. So whether you are a saree fanatic or not, these top 10 innovative sarees need to make in your wardrobe. At MRSE, we have a diversified portfolio of sarees manufactured and originating from different parts of the country. So explore our wide range of saree collections here, and we are sure you would take home a beautiful collection of your own.

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