Curators: Caption Your Exhibits with Transfer Decals

Image Transfers: Custom Dry Transfers & Custom Rub On Decals

It's the goal of nearly every curator to boost the engagement of museum visitors with exhibits and artwork, which means all details need to be considered. Although their primary goal is to remain unobtrusive, museum labels are crucial elements of an exhibition. They're the means of conveying information to visitors that engages them with the works on display. For wall and exhibit case labels, few methods can match rub-on dry transfers. They have a flawless appearance and look as though the wording is painted (or printed) directly onto a surface. It's easy to rub them on in a single step with no mess.

In the visual art world, where every detail is vigorously debated, some question the value of wall labels, but most accept their worth. When they are well executed, exhibit captions are easy to overlook for those with no interest, while others who want to know more have a place to find it. No doubt, increasing people's engagement with items on display in a museum improves their regard for its value and makes them much more likely to recommend that others visit. When you can do something as easy as improving the look of a wall caption by switching to dry transfer decals, it's a no-brainer.

Many exhibits feature both wall and three-dimensional objects placed in cases. Because dry transfers can be rubbed onto any surface – walls, glass, wood, plastic, or metal – they're an easy way to achieve a consistent look throughout the show. It's a much more polished appearance than laser-printed caption cards, and stick-on vinyl letters can't match the readability at tiny sizes. Therefore, it's not hard to understand why rub-down decals gain in popularity every year. They're ideal for high-end applications where visual appearance must meet exacting standards, and yet they are the easiest to use and apply.

Dry transfer decals are ideal for many small and medium interior signage needs. They are finished and semi-permanent as soon as they are rubbed on. There's no waiting for anything to dry or set up. When you're working on a tight deadline, you'll appreciate their simplicity. Contemporary curators prize individuality and discreet flair, and you can have the decals made in any color as well as foil and metallic effects. They can be as eye-catching as you want and always look terrific in traditional black or white. If you're working on an exhibit now and considering captioning options, keep dry transfer decals in mind.


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