How to Do Hifz by Yourself

Discover how someone can Hifz by themselves in their home.

A well-thought-out revision schedule is not just a tool; it's a pathway to your success in learning the Quran on your own. The following advice can help you draft and carry out a revision plan that will fill you with a sense of accomplishment:


Create a systematic revision plan to take control of your learning journey, ensuring that you consistently review the verses you have memorized from the Quran. Divide your revision sessions into smaller, more manageable portions by designating dedicated time windows for revision each day or week. Sort the verses according to how hard they are or how recently you learned them.


You could, for instance, separate the Quran into juz and designate a particular day of the week for reviewing each section. Alternatively, group poems according to themes or subjects and allocate specific review periods to each group.


Evaluate your progress in memorizing regularly and modify your revision schedule as necessary. You may need to devote less time to memorizing some passages as you get better at them so that you may concentrate on newer or more challenging material.


Effective revision relies on consistency, so adhere to your timetable carefully. To ensure you don't skip revision sessions, set alarms or reminders and hold yourself responsible for sticking to your schedule.


By implementing a systematic revision timetable, you can guarantee that you sustain and strengthen your Hifz of the Quran over time and improve your memorization and retention of the verses.

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