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The obvious top rated players at Madden nfl 21 coins. Ideas? I concur that Dunlap is underrated, but I do not know if he's the most underrated when Danielle Hunter is only an 89. That's a good counterpoint. Hunter is massively underrated. A lot of it is all about agility and speed. Neither of those guys are border benders, or burners, so as an edge. I'd be leaping ability and concerned with the Awareness of Dunlap. He must have at least a 94 for awareness and probably for jumping 16, a 94. He gets up, and gets his hands up frequently.

I know Madden started lowering everyone's overall so the stars but Dunlap at an 82 is just fucking ignorance. I'd love to purchase this piece of game however with the team style and I do not play and until they fix franchise and also give me an immersive experience - that I won't give my money to them! Immersive do you really need lol? You may control just about every aspect of a company. The menu/interface need work more. I'd like a training carousel and defensive and offensive coordinators. Historical stat monitoring (honestly a joke this isn't in madden franchise). Realistic A.I. on computer decisions (trading, free agent signings, and drafting). Create-A-Team for relocation choices enlarged. Compensatory picks.

Boyd and AJ ought to be flipped at this point in their professions. Sam Hubbard also deserves a reduced 80's grade. Overall can not complain. You're saying Boyd should be higher than AJ? AJ is a participant that defenses have to adjust their game program. Boyd is a reliable slot man. Though AJ is on in years and his health is a question mark, he deserves to be the highest graded wideout. While Boyd has been a constant 1000 yard receiver in that time, defenses have not needed to adapt to AJ for nearly 2 seasons. I'm a AJ enthusiast but I believe that they should be switched. Just my opinion.

I get your point the final season of AJ was 2018. Because he got hurt early from the Broncos in week 13 he appeared in 9 games, but just really 8. Extrapolated to a season, that is 1388 yards 96 catches and 12 TDs. I understand that the most important skill is availability, but stating defenses don't need to correct to get a guy with buy Mut 21 coins the capacity for all those sorts of numbers is only silly. Yeah, there's no question AJ remains the most gifted player on the roster. Some traumas and people seem to think he has totally fallen off. Let us see what he does this season assuming that I believe everybody will recognize he's still the best player on this group and among the best in the group and he stays healthy.Madden 21 Observations

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