POE team intends to focus all on the remaining new leagues this year

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This year’s POE league plan has come to the second. Because of the impact of the previous COVID-19, the game team took a week longer than usual to complete the development of Harvest. It will definitely have some influence on the next league release plan. Players hope they can experience the new league in September and December on time. For this reason, they have now stored a lot of POE Currency. I have to say that they are wise to do so.

The game team can only guarantee that they can launch the next new league on time in September. But the bad news is that since the developers set the new league release date in December around Christmas, they want to spend more time with their families. If there is any bug in the game, developers will still react quickly. Now the game team intends to start the release of the new league in September twelve weeks after the release of the current Harvest League so that the new league in December can release on time.

It means that if everything goes well, maybe they still have enough time to prepare for the new league in December and release it in advance. Players should be mentally prepared because it only based on the best situation. And what makes some users thrilled is that they will experience Path of Exile on Mac soon. It is worth mentioning that they have to debug the Vulkan released on the PC before releasing it on the Mac.

Some time ago, the game team said that they will not release POE 2 Beta this year. Because they must first ensure that they can release the new leagues of each quarter on time, and second, they will pay attention to POE 2 Beta if they have free time and energy. Players should also Buy POE Currency to support their game journey to be healthy and sustainable. Let us look forward to what the game team can bring us next.


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