percentage of their digital investments

Calculate the revenue generated by each employee and use this to understand which direction your Digital Transformation efforts are headed.

Digital Transformation can vary for each organization, but these are some key metrics that you can rely on. No matter what metrics your company leverages, the first step to achieve the expected RoI is by determining how to measure Digital Transformation.

One of the KPIs for Digital Transformation success is Digital Adoption. Having the latest technology implemented and enabling the workforce to leverage its fullest potential ensures Digital Transformation success.

You can take a look at some Digital Transformation examples that can help you understand how top companies like Nike, Microsoft, IKEA, and Best Buy look at Digital Transformation, how they embrace the latest technologies and achieve successful DX.

Digital Transformation must be focused on problems that require the most attention at your organization. These priorities will help understand what technology is needed. A DAP like Apty helps Enterprises to execute any kind of technology-driven transformation.

Adoption simply means how well your digital tools are being used by your employees. Adoption is one of the most important Business transformation metrics. A high Digital Adoption rate is one of the key indicators to a Successful Digital Transformation.

Poor Adoption and performance rate can either be because the tool has complex functionalities or because it lacks user engagement. In both scenarios, leveraging a DAP can be of the best help. With a good DAP, you can enable a smooth adoption and also improve employee performance.

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