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You don't need to be an “expert” or someone very studied to understand that the way of doing business has changed a lot over the years, thanks to the advent of the internet. The first and one of the main “Ps” of Traditional Marketing (square) and digital marketing (resear

The place refers to the location of your business, how easy it is to find it for your potential customer, while research is everything that precedes the journey/buying process of your Lead.

In this post, we'll talk about how to build an army of “digital sellers” to work 24 hours a day, generating qualified customers for your real estate business, using digital marketing resources.

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There is a phrase that says: “if your customer searches for the name of your business on the internet, for example; Summer Real Estate and doesn't find him, so his business is practically dead on the internet”. If even by name, the customer can find you, imagine the keywords of your business; that's right, there are companies that not even by name are easily found on the internet and indexing your business in search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) is practically challenging, takes time and an investment in content generation, SEO (site optimization for search engines) and sponsored traffic.

In order to have a good sales volume these days, it is very important that your business is easily found on the internet or rather, “very well positioned”. You only sell, if you remember, findable.

Your page, blog, website, landingpage (lead capture page), should easily appear in search engines, especially on the first page of Google with the most important words of your business.

The first step for anyone working in the real estate industry, for example, is to capture and register the property. With no real estate in the portfolio, the broker is left without a fundamental piece to carry out his business. Before capturing a client, it is essential that you have something to sell to your client, and in this case, the property.

We've already mentioned that the first step in the consumer's purchase journey is research! Most of the time, the consumer starts the purchase process through internet search engines. In the past, when someone wanted to buy a property, they would ask family and friends about some properties that were for sale in their region. Today, with just a few clicks, you can find a multitude of property listings on the internet, and from there, start your acquisition journey.

To give you an idea of ​​what this first stage of the real estate consumer's journey really represents, around 60% of their decision has already been taken, thanks to research carried out in internet search engines. Quite different from the old days, where there was no internet, and it was up to the broker to guide the customer in practically all stages of the sale.

At this stage, it is important to talk here, the consumer analyzes the opinions of third parties, of people who already reside in that property, as well as the repute of the broker, the purchase satisfaction of other customers, and other factors that may influence the time of decision.

Therefore, it is not enough to have a fanpage or a website with beautiful images of the enterprise, or a video with valuable content on youtube, if your business is not easily found on the internet. Investing in traffic or SEO campaigns is of paramount importance, so that all these gears work together, and thus achieve the results you seek using internet marketing.

Digital Marketing is a completely new science, especially in the real estate market, in addition to requiring a certain level of knowledge to make the best use of the tools, digital marketing requires investment in traffic, creation and content indexing in search engines such as: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram and the like.

This new and important science called digital marketing is a series of interconnected gears that work independently, where you will have to attract customers with sponsored traffic campaigns on facebook, Google or Youtube, generate valuable content on the website/blog in order to captivate your potential customer, take them to a data capture page (to request their email, phone, address) and embed them in a flow (marketing automation) of sending emails and content related to the product/ immobile. All this until the sale is closed!

Now, imagine you have to think about all this when setting up your own website, or who knows, setting up your own digital marketing campaign in the real estate market, to capture qualified leads and generate sales, can you imagine? besides taking up a lot of your precious time, the chances of making all this work in an effective and automated way are small, as it will require from you, in addition to time, a lot of knowledge in the area.

The example above is a way to illustrate how complex it all can be, especially for those who are not yet familiar with this universe. Well, you might be wondering, is there a platform that already automates all of this, where you can just manage leads?

Once you've become familiar with this new consumer buying journey, and already know how important it is to have a digital presence and influence, it's time to learn how to use the powerful weapon of internet marketing for lead generation, which will facilitate your life and generate more sales for your business.

The Rankim is the largest platform for lead generation real estate market, in addition to providing landinpages high quality and conversion, it also works with management qualifying campaigns, who as purpose to capture, nurture lead potential, ie, a platform that delivers in the hands of the broker, the lead with imminent purchase potential.

As for the content and sales funnel, Rankim has a strong role in attracting and nurturing leads, these steps, which demand effort and time, are like panning for gold. See the image below:

The property registration is an important step in the sale process, or rather, this is where we will further facilitate the consumer's purchase journey, because the richer the description of the property to be registered, the better its positioning on the websites. searches, so it will be more easily found by the end customer,
so you should be very attentive to the next steps here in the video:

To register the property, just click on properties in the blue quadrant on your screen (follow us here) - among the next options you choose Status, so in this case we will leave it as published, then the next step is to choose the property category (notice on your screen – which appears several options including farm, apartment, house and the like) – once that is done, just choose the type of negotiation (sale, purchase, rent and the like) and then click register.

It is worth remembering that on the internet there are several tools, sites and portals that make it possible to register the property, and what you should take into account is the power of attracting traffic (qualified leads) that each of these sites has, because what what you most want when registering and selling your property is to find a potential client for it.

From experience in the field of digital marketing, my advice is that you do a search for the relevance of each site's content, see for example, if they are easily findable for the main keywords of the universe in which they operate, for example: search Google the keyword “How to prospect clients in the real estate market” and see what appears in the search.

The first step in the digital consumer journey is research. Even if the purchase of the product does not take place on the internet, as in the case of a property, it still starts on the internet, as the customer will do research related to the type of property he is interested in, that meets his needs, in addition to seeking an opinion from third parties regarding the property and other issues surrounding this purchase decision process.

These objections are part of the journey of the digital consumer, tend to be resolved at least a good part of them, during the research. Therefore, the better the description of the property, and the findable it is, the more chances of sale you will have.

This type of research will be essential for you to measure and if the website or portal, where your property will be registered, is well positioned and thus, the chances of converting it into a sale become greater. If you prefer, having a good knowledge and capital, for creating landing pages, websites in HTML or WordPress format, you can have your own content and lead generation platform.

Another tip is to invest in the management and creation of facebook Ads or Google Ads campaigns, learn how to buy qualified traffic for your business, which in a way, will be a great differential for you to have good sales results.

If this is not your case, both because you don't have knowledge in this area, or because you don't have much capital for it, the tip is to start in this sea of ​​leads on structured platforms, with test, start or managed plans, which allow the user to creating landing pages, boosting and automating marketing.

In the next article here at Rankim, we will teach you how to create powerful “headlines” (headlines) to attract more customers to your business. They are fundamental pieces when setting up campaigns, generating content and attracting customers.

And the best part, let's teach our entire strategy for free!

Do not forget,

“Marketing is a strategic part in generating sales”.


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