Dr. Sachin Srivastava - Founder of Fnetchat, vbmsoft, maxtube, m21, Swebmart

Story of a 21 years old Bihari boy who started a company after back to back 7 failures in just 1 year & now he became the one of the most successful business man of Bihar, India


Lets Read About Him Let's Learn With Him That How He Created A 90 Lakh Market Cap Company From Just 1700 Rupees. .  .           


So Guys, Lets Begin - - - -


Registration Certificate Of VBMSOFT 

Sachin Srivastava

Address - Khushi Tola   Bettiah, West Champaran, Bihar India. 


Ceo Of VBMSoft Pvt. Ltd, Swebmart Inc, Recters Inc, Staxxo Inc Pubs Inc



Started his first company in 2016 and after that his apps and play console account was rejected 9 times by google but still he didn't feel boored he isn't in mood of giveup  he started solving his all problems and he again started a new company with new name, new identity and today he founded 120+ Android apps that are now live on Google play store and 10+ ios apps are now live on Apple app store .


 Once He Was Rejected By A Girl In His School Life, Now A Millionaire. 



 Just Keep In Mind - Success is after failure and rejection is before Success ❤️, So if you are rejected by anyone it means you are on the way of success. 




His Favourite Lines - "Opportunities Is Behind You , You Just Have To Grab It , Never Say There Are Lack Of Jobs Or  opprtunities Because Your Opportunities Is Waiting For You , You Just Have To Look Into It and Grab It In Your Pocket "

His total market cap is 90 Lakh+ Rupees right now, he started his business by taking just 1700 ruppess from his friend and after many failures now he had his 60+ successful apps on google play store that made him a unique millioner.


Note - Popular Apps By Him - Mastiholic, Maxytube, dateu,Your Game Accelerator Pro, Your Ram Booster Pro, 60X Game Booster , 80x Game Booster are rocking in the market, VPN Premium, IA Special Forces etc. 


VPN Premium - #2 in india #1 in more than 7 countries 


So Don't Give Up!


List Of Comapnies-

Company Founded By Dr. Sachin Srivastava - Fnetchat, VBMSoft Pvt. Ltd. , VBMSoft Works India Inc , SKVCHAT LLC, SAGAR APPS SOLUTION INDIA, Sandhya Apps Games Solution India , SKVSCHAT TEAM , SWEBMART INC and Alpanaravi Informatica,Hostingpapa.net, allautoliker.in,fchatnet.com.


Few More Companies Added to this list -

1) Recters Inc

2) MaxyTube - Watch Videos Upload Your Original Contents Earn Money. 

3) Mastiholic - Music Streaming Platform. 

4) DateU - Dating Platform

we will soon come with more updates about Dr. Sachin Srivastava Sir.       .   .  . ..