Google Account Recovery

Recovering your Gmail account using the phone number is similar to claiming your account using email.

Recover your Gmail account using phone number

Recovering your Gmail account using the phone number is similar to claiming your account using email. The twist is that when you put your recovery email address there, you have to change it to a phone number or just enter your phone number in the Email or phone text field.

Now let's go step by step to change your email to a phone number and get your Gmail account back using the phone number.

Go to the recovery page by clicking on the link.

Now you will see Email or phone, click on the forgotten email just below the text box.

Now enter your phone number for the account you want to recover.

Now enter your first and last name.

After filling in the text field, click the Next button.

You will see "Get a verification code", click the Submit button and wait a few seconds.

After that, enter the code you receive on your cell phone and ok.

You will now be redirected to the password reset page.

After that, reset your password by entering a new password.

Finally, log into your account and recover your account.

How to delete your Gmail account?

If you have more Google account or if you changed your mind to delete Google account, you can cancel your account at any time, and you can even get the deleted account back in a few hours or not. So to delete your Gmail account, follow the below mentioned steps.


Go to the main page of your Google account. Click on the link.

On the left side of the main Google account page, you will see Data and Personalization, click on it.

Now scroll down to "Download, delete, or plan for your data."

After that, click Delete a service or your account.

Finally, click Delete your account, to delete your account.

How to recover a recently deleted Gmail / Google account?

Two things you should know

You will be asked some questions to confirm if it is your account, try to answer your best answer.

After recovering, don't forget to change your password for privacy.

After deleting your Google account, you can get your deleted Google account back, but it should be quick to get your account back in a few hours. We do not make sure that you can recover; depends on Google policies. If it's less than a day and you want to give it a try, follow the step-by-step procedure below to get your deleted account back.


Go to the Google Account Recovery link.

Now enter your email or phone address in the text field.

Now enter the last password you had before deleting your account in the "Please enter last password" text box.

After that, click the Next button just below the box

If you forgot your old password, click Try another way and once the link opens, provide the answer to the question you have provided to create an account.

After that, under "Get a verification code", to get a verification code first, please confirm the recovery email address that you added to your account.

Now enter the verification code or click on the link you received in your email.

Now reset your password by entering a new password.

Finally, try to log into your account with the new password.


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