Why help your child buy a new property?

Let us be honest: not even for those who are already hard at doing business is it simple to buy a new property. It is necessary to think very carefully in all the details, at the same time as it is an investment with high values, which means a very large financial commitment. The truth i


For your son or daughter, who is going through this stage of life for the first time, all these details can seem even more complicated and a help could certainly make things simpler. But some believe that it is better to let the children manage on their own and discover the difficulties and solutions on their own - that this is part of character building.

Is it time for your child to leave the house and you are not sure how to behave? Continue reading that we help you!

Why is it difficult for your child to buy a new property?

The kangaroo generation - a phenomenon in which children remain living with their parents even after they graduate and enter the labor market - is common in Europe, the United States and also in emerging countries, such as Brazil. In addition to the psychological aspects that involve fears of assuming the responsibilities of adulthood, there are also the difficulties of gathering enough capital to buy a property without going crazy or compromising the dreams of travel and studies.

It is often one or the other and the support of parents can encourage this important step of maturation. Faced with the challenge of finding the dream home, your child will face situations and information that he never had to deal with before. All simultaneously.

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Where to live? How is the security of the place? One bedroom, two bedrooms? Garage? Close to work or close to leisure? Does my budget hold the funding? Will I be able to give all this input value? But what is the document bureaucracy like? Is this the new property I want?

Help without performing all the steps

Reconciling all these answers, without experience, in a universe full of options can turn the activity, which should mean a moment of conquest, into a nightmare! Although these tasks are important to be led by the child, parents can be close by giving advice and sharing experiences.

After all, you went through a similar situation a few decades ago. In this way, care assistance that just perpetuates family dependency is also avoided. The point is to help without necessarily doing all the steps.

Think in the future

Life experience also helps to understand that things change over the years. At the time of purchase, it can be very interesting to invest in an apartment with only one bedroom, a wonderful living room and a super nice balcony for the city park.

But you know that, in a few years, your son or daughter is likely to live with a partner and the apartment can be small - not to mention your grandchildren. Thinking about the future means assessing whether there will be resources to buy a new property when it is a new stage in life or whether it is better to consider it now.

Financial resources

Financial aid is also important. It is unlikely that your child will have saved the amount necessary to enter a new property or will have sufficient resources in his FGTS account that can be withdrawn for this purpose. Or even income that insures with the financing installments.

In addition to the resources in savings and investment funds that can be withdrawn, a new alternative began to come into force in 2015. The bill 365/09 added to Law 8,036 the possibility of using the parents' FGTS as part of the financing of a property for the children. This resource, however, is available for the payment of installments, amortizations or settlements of the outstanding balance.

How to help your child to buy a new property?

Financial assistance will always be welcome at this time, but there are other tips from those who have experience that can help a lot when buying a new property. These are details, not so small, that those who live this experience for the first time can let it go and regret it much later.

Location and security

At this point, it is also true that parents can be a bit overly concerned, but the location of the property and the security of the neighborhood are starting points for your child's quality of life in the new home. Interesting to see if there are services such as the market, pharmacy, public transport and also leisure nearby.

But this infrastructure is of no use in the neighborhood if at 9 pm it is no longer safe enough to be on the street. As for security, there are also observations regarding the surveillance of the building or condominium and the movement of people in the vicinity.

Visit the surroundings at different times

The new property your child is interested in may be fantastic - but in broad daylight. It can be a very unpleasant surprise to discover that, across the street, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday there is a bar with live music on the sidewalk until 2 am. Because of this, visiting the surroundings at different times of the day and on different days of the week is a good tip to really get to know the place where you are investing.

Before buying, it may also be a good idea to check the perceptions of the neighborhood with the neighborhood. When you find a resident in the garage, ask for permission and ask.


Attention to infrastructure is much more than seeing if the rooms are large. These are questions such as: how many years ago the property was built and when was the last renovation. You go into a bathroom and then see that there is no room for all the necessary items.

It is very likely that, as a father and mother, you have already participated in renovations in the apartment or the house. Perhaps they have even built their own home and have been aware of structural problems in the property for a long time. But your son probably won't.

Source: Tajarat.com.pk

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