Rocket League Items money can only be obtained

Rocket League Items money can only be obtained

There are 11 items WWE this week went to the Rockets, including five league banners, flags and a set of five wheels. Wheel, seen above, is golden, with a very sweet WWE logo. The banners and flags of various WWE promotional activities. The players will be able to unlock these items from the game in the beginning of this week, the code will give you two at random.

If you want according to their own favorite wrestler package, there is still hope a bird-themed car. Psyonix has said, based on WWE more beauty items on the way and, yes, they plan to give a very Psyonix like to see continue to work with various brands of WWE by other promotions.We multiple codes, in order to bring more fun content rocket League. From the car from Back to the Future Batman and Super Mario-themed version of the race car switch tear, we say keep the cross soon.

Time autumn celebrations near, many jumped into the ranks of the Halloween game of the Rockets is a league because it reintroduced haunted event Hallows, beginning from October 15, ended November 5. You can look at the following trailer.

For these new events, competition in the online game players will be eligible to collect new, limited time money in the game. Money is in the form of candy corn, while Jia Jinnan melon is good this year. Pumpkin can go towards 2, nitro, and Turbo unlock the box to select items from a series of playersCandy corn, has accumulated a decent number, can be used to purchase things such as time-limited Halloween items, descrambler, and lock "Haunted Hallows" Crates.Keep Remember, Rocket League Items  money can only be obtained from the complete game players, so quit who will not be around this time of prosperity. Again, the end of the November 5 event.


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