Let's Get Back to Work with t-shirt campaign

Anti-Lockdown Canada and United States "Let's all go back to work" T-shirts. Time for the 'silent majority' to speak out.

"Canadian man starts anti-lockdown t-shirt campaign on Kickstarter. Will Dove says he knows many people who believe the lockdown was not only unnecessary but has caused far more damage than the virus. He says it's time for the 'silent majority' to speak out and feels these t-shirts will be a way to show just how many people object to the measures.

Lockdowns aren't just unnecessary, they are criminally irresponsible." he says. "When we measure the cost in terms of life-years lost to stress, suicide, and untreated illnesses the lockdowns have cost far more life-years than COVID."

Dove's Kickstarter campaign aims to give those who are frustrated by the lockdowns a visible outlet to voice their opinion.

Currently, you can pre-register to be alerted when the campaign launches, likely around the middle of July.


How to people join this anti-lockdown t-shirt campaign?


1st Register on Kickstarter

2nd Join: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/willdove/lets-get-back-to-work

3rd People will click the 'Notify me on launch' button.


Why do people want Anti-Lockdown in Canada?


The economy of the country: Businesses are shut and corporations are touching the worst innovate their times. Because the businesses are affected most, the economy of the country is being affected. It’ll revive shortly, however the sudden, short decline within the market has affected several tiny traders and business owners. Tiny retail shop owners, tiny industries, and alternative startups are adversely affected thanks to this internment. This has led to an overall impact on the economy of the country.


Issues faced by staff/laborers/employee: Daily wage workers who are earning on per day basis are affected due to this lockdown. As they accustomed earn on daily wages supported the companies outcome, their earnings have stopped as businesses are shut. This has affected tons of workers and laborers terribly badly as their financial gain and revenue are utterly stopped and that they don't have the other supply of income.


Students and their studies: Students are suffering from this pandemic too. Schools, colleges, institutes, and universities are shut as social distancing is to be practiced and this has affected students and their studies. The general education sector has been hit due to the virus. Though students and lecturers are connected through video conferencing applications, lectures are happening. These online lectures aren't terribly effective in terms of information sharing and long-term growth.


Travel: People are stuck here and there within the country and due to the lockdown and so as to follow social distancing, transport is stopped. This affected tons of people. Many folks are stuck in different states and that they aren't able to return to their homes as there's no means that of correct transportation. Plenty of individuals are it, students, tourists, workers, or different citizens of the country, are stuck in different states. Due to the travel downside, they're unable to return back and stick with their families.

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