Runescape related memes have company with this sub than level 99/maxing posts

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Quit deleting the memes which make this sub bearable. By enabling the cliche 99 ability posts and deleting those, let alone on RuneScape Gold xp weekend, you're just enforcing the stuff. People adore 2007 Runescape because of its memes. They allow people be creative on a game they enjoy. With this sub memes are censored therefore the only articles that get to see the light of day are criticism articles and the horrible skilling articles which everyone believes is an achievement. Please stop deleting memes. In so doing you are deleting my happiness and censoring the facet of the sub.

The subreddit moderators have this mindset where all template articles shouldn't be permitted with this subreddit and are considered low-effort. Even though it is not just one of the chief rules, it just falls under guidelines. The subreddit moderators have this mindset where all template posts are considered low-effort and shouldn't be permitted with this subreddit. Even though it's not one of the rules, it just falls under guidelines. I've tried arguing against them with quite a few occasions but they refuse to provide floor on the issue to ANY. They will not give guidelines.

Posts that use photoshop to alter an image/meme template aren't allowed yet 1 sentence text articles are. They will sometimes not even cite a guideline when they opt to get rid of a place, and almost never when the auto-moderator does. Their mentality is they don't need this subreddit to become a low-effort sub, similar to 2007 Runescape. This mindset has some truth since low-effort posts can control a subreddit because of reddit's algorithm preventing higher effort/text articles from ever appearing. The problem is that they think modifications made for this, or a template irrespective of context, is effort.

All they need to do is allow template posts that are altered to a level. Clearly define what qualifies. And restrict the flow of attempt articles when they're over-excessive. This could be done by giving a warning via a stickied thread, when posts are eliminated and speaking to it. It feels like because Adam abandoned their team, they have lost their individuality. Proof of this can be viewed by simply taking a look at the posts on this subreddit and seeing just how many of this staff would removes them if they had been posted today.

It is interesting looking at the post introducing new mods and seeing the direction the sub has gone since. And I hope I could provide some insight to exactly what the mods want from the sub, although I really don't want this to become an post. However, this is not unbiased so bear this in mind. I've been part of the Runescape community for Cheap OSRS Gold over 8 decades, can remember the sub hitting 10,000 consumers, have met others in the sub and formed friendships with several other members, yadda yadday'are my loved ones and so forth.


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