What disappointed players was that they couldn’t play the POE 2 Beta this year

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Although players have heard a lot of information about the delayed release of the POE 2 Beta some time ago, players really felt very disappointed when the official announcement released. Many people have prepared many POE Currency for this, but now it is useless. Fortunately, players can still enjoy the Harvest League released by GGG. The appearance of the new league has diluted the loneliness of the players.

Now players have accepted the fact that GGG will release POE 2 Beta next year. They now shift their focus to the Harvest League and gradually realize how happy the new league brings them. This is also a behavior that GGG cannot do. COVID-19 has affected the development work of almost all game companies around the world, leading many game teams to suspend their existing work. Anyway, POE officials announced that they will definitely not release POE 2 Beta this year to ensure that the game team can develop high-quality new games.

In fact, players can also understand what the game team is doing. They also hope that the POE 2 Beta created by the game team at the cost of delayed release time will bring them an unconventional surprise. Various bugs or things that need improvement in the game will definitely fix and improve. Another point is that players hope that the game team can release the recent league versions in September and December as soon as possible to maintain their freshness of the game.

The game team assured players that they should start the development of the new league in December in advance to make up for losing players who cannot play POE 2 Beta. But fortunately, players are now having fun in Harvest League. Many of them have already Buy POE Currency before the game and have gained a lot of POE Orbs and POE Items through their own efforts. Let us look forward to what more fun the game team will bring us.


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