How to tell the difference between genuine and forged excavator parts

The fake parts available on the domestic market can be found in almost any part of the vehicle, including the engine and transmission

The fake parts available on the domestic market can be found in almost any part of the vehicle, including the engine and transmission. We'll go over the most common, as well as the most deceptive, here.

First and foremost, fake engine oil has caused significant damage.

The lubrication system of the mind is remarkably similar to the blood circulation system of the human body in terms of function and operation. Both the human body and the concept of healthy blood are intertwined. The quality of an engine's work and the longevity of a machine are both greatly influenced by the quality of the oil used.

2. The false three filters exacerbate the wear and tear on the mind.

One of the most well-known industry pronouns, three filters, has been in use for a long time. It refers to three commonly used automotive parts: the oil filter, the fuel filter, and the air filter. They are in charge of the filtration of the medium in the engine's air intake hydraulic breaker system, lubrication system, and fuel system, respectively. Fake three-filter products are incapable of effectively filtering out impurities in the air intake, lubrication, and fuel systems. There are even some counterfeit products that do not filter at all, causing the idea to wear and tear at an abnormally rapid rate.

3. Fake antifreeze does not only fail to prevent freezing, but it also damages the concept.

Antifreeze coolants, in addition to having anti-freezing characteristics, are typically equipped with anti-boiling, anti-erosion, and anti-scaling properties. The low boiling point alcohols used in the manufacture of counterfeit antifreeze coolant are common. Such counterfeit products have an antifreeze function, but their boiling point is extremely low, which means they can easily cause the water tank to boil. The antifreeze can also be mixed with industrial salt and brine, which has a significant erosion effect on the cooling system of the engine.

4. False brake pads have a negative impact on driving safety.

The brake pads on a vehicle's braking system are one of the most important safety components in the system. The effectiveness of braking is directly proportional to the condition of the brake pads. In terms of braking interval, counterfeit brake pads will almost always have a longer braking interval than genuine brake pads; in addition, the thermal decay of counterfeit brake pads after emergency braking, the reduction in braking force in rainy weather, and the use of excessively hard friction materials all contribute to increased wear of the brake drum. Emergency braking is likely to result in problems such as cracking or falling off of the brake pads, which can have a negative impact on driving safety and cause accidents.

The use of phony brake valves renders the brakes ineffective.

There are numerous valves in vehicles that use air brakes to optimize the braking effect of the brakes. However, because of their workmanship and other factors, counterfeit brake valve parts are likely to cause the brakes to become ineffective or even fail, compromising driving safety.

Then we must learn to recognize and avoid the use of forged accessories. Users have experienced a great deal of inconvenience as a result of the proliferation of counterfeit accessories on the market. Of course, this is inextricably linked to the requirements of users. Counterfeit parts were almost completely eradicated from all parts markets, including some 4S shops. As users, we must be vigilant and avoid the use of forged accessories.

1. Do not be tempted by low-cost but inferior products.

Because of the difference in quality between counterfeit and genuine products in the accessories industry, the price of counterfeit hydraulic breaker is several times lower than the price of genuine products. Generally, the prices of common parts for your vehicles are the ones that you should pay closer attention to. Most genuine parts manufacturers now have a set retail price for parts in a specific area, even if the price is the same throughout the country, and this is especially true for bulk consumer products such as motor oil.

When purchasing accessories, if you notice that the product's price is significantly higher than the normal price, you should exercise greater caution. Because there is a high likelihood of encountering counterfeit goods.

2. Using the senses, distinguish between true and false accessories.

Counterfeit accessories are those that are made to look like the original products, and the details such as labeling and packaging will be as accurate as possible. However, due to the low cost and low quality of counterfeit products, it is impossible for the senses to perform the same functions as they would with genuine products. This includes the product's packaging as well as the printed content on the packaging.

3. The fake accessories' details are extremely rough and clumsy, and they are difficult to discern.

counterfeit parts are subjected to various processing techniques and are frequently lacking in fine detail. When it comes to genuine products, considerations such as environmental protection and harm to the human body are taken into consideration, whereas counterfeit products are frequently made from inferior materials and have a pungent best mini excavator. Of course, this method is only applicable to generic counterfeit goods. A certain amount of professional knowledge is required in order to create fake accessories that appear to be functional on the surface.

4. It is beneficial to compare with genuine products.

Comparing the counterfeit product with the genuine product is an effective method of identification. The so-called aren't afraid of not knowing what they're talking about, but they are afraid of comparing what they're talking about. No matter how closely a counterfeit product resembles a genuine counterfeit product, it will never be exactly the same as the genuine product. This will result in an increase in the cost of manufacturing. Fake accessories lose their significance. You can find real accessories to compare when buying accessories if you have a prerequisite, but because there are so few people who have this prerequisite, we must remember the characteristics of some of the most commonly used accessories in our cars. 


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