How to advertise properties to sell

These days, advertising real estate online is essential to the success of any real estate transaction.

As much as some real estate companies and realtors are still reluctant to adapt to the new reality, the truth is that 100% of companies that are successful in the field have already embraced digital as the main way to close deals.  estate

This process was even accelerated by last year's pandemic. That “forced” companies to transform themselves in order to survive in the market.

If, before 2020, in sales strategies, there was a big difference between online and offline media, now this has become more and more diluted.


The market trend increasingly points to an integrated communication between the two media. With strategies that complement and not rival.

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If we look carefully, some numbers show us just that. According to Google data, 60% of the time of the purchase journey of those interested in real estate is already concentrated on the internet, considering everything from the research process to closing the deal.

In other words, offline service is no longer the consumer's first point of contact with the product. First of all, he searches for his ideal property on the internet.

That's why, with each passing year, the most successful real estate companies have bet on technology and new platforms to make ads that really get attention.

But how do you really make good ads? Below are some practical tips for you to write down.

A picture says a thousand words

The more photos you have, the more chances you have of closing the deal. Online ads show us in practice the old saying. "A picture says a thousand words."

The public is very interested in the images of your property. After all, this is the first contact they will have before making a visit.

So, invest in good photos. If you don't have the technical knowledge to capture the details, value the environments and the best angles, count on a professional to help you do that.

When choosing the best ones to advertise properties, try to create a logical order so that the interested person really feels visiting the place through their photos.

Describe in detail when advertising your properties

This is an essential part of any advertisement to succeed on the internet.

You can start by describing the type of property and the type of business (home for sale, apartment for rent, and so on).

Also describe details such as the number of rooms, the amplitude, the conservation of the property, the finishes and other details that add value such as parking spaces and footage.

Inform details about the city, the neighborhood and what the future resident will find nearby.

Value what is most relevant in the surroundings of the property, such as, for example, the presence of different types of businesses, proximity to well-known streets, schools, easy access to public transport and other information about the neighborhood.

Try to get the public's attention when advertising real estate

These days, the internet is a territory with a lot of competition. All the time, the user is hit by a type of ad that seeks to draw his attention to a product.

And to stand out from this crowd, your ad needs to be creative. Either with subtitles and titles that are creative or with formats that differ from most.

You need to show something that is direct, objective and easy to understand. This, of course, depends on the media you are advertising at that moment. Each one has its specificity.

What is the best channel to advertise real estate?

As we explained above, social media is the future. Therefore, every day, there is a new way to make advertisements in this environment.

What you need to do to know the best way for your ads is to have a strategy. Carefully study the advantages and disadvantages that each channel provides for your ad and choose the one that makes the most sense to you.

You must not dismiss one over the other. On the contrary, it is best to reconcile the two

How do I measure if my ad is good?

You can, before putting the material in the air, define what your objective is.

Each medium has some “good measure” rules for an ad to stand out. Using the tips we've given you in this article, you've already got off to a great start.

But, it is possible to go even further to stand out.

For Arbo partners, we provide a tool to optimize ads: our Gamification technology.

She evaluates the ads and indicates what needs to be improved in the title, description or photos of the property. All automatically.

In addition, our partners have access to other functions such as assistance in generating qualified leads, distribution of contacts among brokers to optimize service, customer relationship tools and much more.



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