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The Change button Programs and Characteristics will be recorded on top or may come up as soon as you click on the Microsoft Office 2010 package.

There's a risk that using Microsoft Outlook 2010 installed onto your pc you may have yet to be in a position to research its whole features as a result of incorrect installation or compatibility problem with a different app among other explanations. Due to all these reasons, you might wish to uninstall Microsoft Outlook 2010 out of the personal pc for reinstallation or additional functions. This post can certainly help you uninstall Microsoft Outlook 2010, also a part of the Microsoft Office 2010 package.

Measure 1

To eliminate Microsoft Outlook 2010, then you'll have to open the Microsoft Office package as mentioned in the next measure.

Measure 2

When from the Control Panel window, then double-click Insert or Remove Programs. If you're using Microsoft Windows Vista or 7, then click on the Start button and then type apps and attributes' (without quotations ) from the Start menu) You'll Be in Programs and Features from Control Panel.

Measure 3

A listing of programs will soon be populated below Add or Remove Programs or Applications and Attributes. Start Looking at your Microsoft Office 2010 package and click on the Change button next to it. The Change button Programs and Characteristics will be recorded on top or may come up as soon as you click on the Microsoft Office 2010 package.

Measure 4

You will notice the list of elements contained in the Microsoft Office 2010 package. Uncheck the box with Outlook and click on the Continue or Next button whatever you see in your display. Follow the remainder of the onscreen prompts and complete the uninstallation. Wait patiently while the uninstallation is currently actually advance. Whenever the Microsoft Windows operating system heaps fully, click on the Start button and then point to Hunt (for Windows XP).

Measure 5

When from the quest utility, form view from the File name box and then select Local Hard Drives (C; D:-RRB- below the Search inbox. Click on the Search button to begin looking for the files that are left. For Windows 7 Vista, form the exact identical command at the Start Search box and then hit the Enter key.

Measure 6

You shouldn't especially pick any folder or drive from the Start Search area. Windows 7 or Vista can automatically look through all of the tricky disk places and directories once prompted. When completed, start looking for all of the Microsoft Outlook folders and then delete them one by one. Continue looking through all of the drives (if you're searching them separately ) and deleting the Outlook records before the Lookup Utility stops attracting them from the research results.

Measure 7

Ensure you form'*.pst' without quotations either at the Start Search area or at the File name box. When completed, you will notice a listing of Microsoft Outlook 2010 PST files such as archive, private folder in search success. First back these files up (copy and copy them to a different place on your computer) then delete them one by one.

Measure 8

If you don't back up your PST files, then all of your Microsoft Outlook data such as emails, contacts and calendar entries and attachments, etc., will be missing. Once done deleting the documents, leave all of the windows. You also need to wash up the Windows registry to be certain the Microsoft Outlook 2010 is totally removed from the PC. Any hints of Microsoft Outlook 2010 entrances can lead to Outlook reinstallation problems.

Measure 9

Considering that the Windows registry is a vital portion of their Microsoft Windows OS, making incorrect changes for this may result in many critical issues on your PC. I wouldn't urge you to manually intervene with all the registry entries. Now you can download and download Ccleaner, the totally completely free registry cleaner tool on the world wide web, or phone up the specialist Microsoft Outlook service or Microsoft technical assistance services.

Measure 10

Once done cleaning the registry entries from Microsoft Outlook 2010, depart Registry Editor. Restart your computer whenever needed. When completed, Microsoft Outlook 2010 will probably be taken away entirely from the system. the set of folders cannot be opened outlook 2016 If you would like to reinstall Microsoft Outlook 2010, possibly add your Microsoft Outlook 2010 installation press from the disc drive or return to the Add or Remove Programs or Applications and Attributes window (assess steps 2, 3( and 4).

Measure 11

Together with all the installation media, you also can personalize Microsoft Outlook 2010 reinstallation. Recheck the box with Outlook and follow the remainder of onscreen instructions. You might even set up Microsoft Outlook 2007 too if you don't want to keep with the 2010 variant.

Measure 12

In that instance, Microsoft will continue bothering you to update to the 2010 variant. I figure it is possible to bear in mind. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is still a terrific feature-packed edition so that I would suggest that you to adhere it after repairing your Microsoft Outlook issues.

Added Tips:

You need to be logged as an admin person for your personal computer to execute the aforementioned measures.

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