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Types of Concrete Batching Plants to think about in UAE

Consider Concrete Batching Plants in UAE

Concrete Batching Plants are crucial for large projects with massive production rates, long operating life, and a spacious part of operation. Before purchasing your concrete plant, it's important to consider these three general factors:

-Is your site appropriate for the installation of the plant?

-May be the plant convenient?

-May be the plant properly arranged?

With one of these main reasons, you are now ready to go with a concrete batching plant. But that are the best? There are actually indeed numerous kinds of concrete plants, as well as the highest efficiency, you have to select the best among available options. Here are the best five best concrete plants offered in the UAE:

AJ-25 Concrete Plant

One of the most common varieties of plants in the UAE is AJ-25. It comes with a modular design that there are actually an easy task to assemble or disassemble and possesses the most accurate measurements for your materials. You will achieve quality and efficiency making use of this type of concrete plant because it features a JS500 twin shaft.

AJ-35 Concrete Plant

The 2nd kind of plant located in the UAE is AJ-35. It has a four-layered seal that ensures the high quality mixing of concrete. You can expect to experience low maintenance costs, longer service life, with no oil leakage when using this sort of plant. If you are looking for a long-term serving plant, the AJ-35 is the greatest choice simply because of its durability property.

AJ-50 Concrete Plant

The other kind of plant may be the AJ-50 which contains an in-built JS1500 mixing machine rich in wear resistance. The AJ-50 carries a long service life, high dust collecting rate up to 99%, and it is highly effective for small to medium-sized projects. This particular concrete plant is convenient and flexible to your project and it is quite popular in the UAE:

AJ-60 Concrete Plant

That one posseses an in-built seal protection device that prevents the leaking of slurry, an electric powered oil pump for lubricating the shafts, and a rigid screw conveyor. The AJ-60 lessens the maintenance price of your project which is safe due to the multiple safety switches within the control system.

AJ-75 Concrete Plant

Finally, will be the AJ-75 concrete plant. It is recognized for its high concentricity and precision. You are going to achieve a good hardness and long lifespan by using this particular plant. AJ-75 has essential technical services like remote fault diagnosis, computer self-repairing, and history query.


These are the basic top 5 kinds of concrete batching plants in the UAE for small to large projects. These sorts of plants will make sure high efficiency, high productivity, and quality of products for the concrete project. As you now have the various available types of plants, you will need to obtain the respective manufacturers offered in the UAE.

Since an excellent supplier can be another kind of insurance, it will always be smart to critically choose your supplier. When looking for the very best services, prices, reliability, professional experience, and quality installing of the concrete plants, e mail us!

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