Bachelor's and Master's Thesis Tips

Bachelor's and Master's Thesis Tips

When you are about to write a dissertation, you are also faced with the question of whether you want to write a purely theoretical dissertation, an empirical bachelor's or master's degree. The answer to this question actually has far-reaching implications for handling your own question. Therefore, the history homework help and this article gives a quick overview of the different options for writing a job.

Another type of thesis
There are big differences between theoretical and empirical thesis, and not only at first glance. In a theoretical work, you research a chosen topic exclusively using specialized literature. On the other hand, when you do my homework, in empirical work, you systematically evaluate the empirical data. This data can be almost anything: from completed questionnaires to indicators and transcribed interviews.

Good planning is essential if you want to write an empirical bachelor's or master's thesis, like any final thesis. However, if you're working empirically, it's not just about planning literary research and paperwork. If you are not working with existing data, you also need to use the online assignment help and consider collecting data, but computer analysis anyway. However, you can only really plan well when you choose the empirical method. Because the type of empirical work varies greatly depending on the method.

A wide area of ​​empirical methods can be roughly divided into quantitative and qualitative approaches. Although there is traditionally a methodological dispute between individual representatives of both camps, the two approaches are not mutually exclusive. In fact, so-called blended approaches combine favorably with methods from both camps. But first, this unit helps to gain insight into the enormous possibilities of empirical research.

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